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Use this service to get CPVLab Pro installed on your unmanaged/managed VPS, AWS EC2 instance or shared hosting with free SSL.

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CPVLab Pro is a premium tracking software. It’s a self-hosted software. Which means you’ll need hosting space to use it. You can use this service to hire a freelancer to install CPVLab Pro tracker on your shared hosting account, VPS, AWS EC2 instance or Google Cloud VM instance.

Looking for a Freelancer to Install CPVLab Pro?

CPVLab is a paid software. You can purchase it from CPVLab Pro official website and have me install it on your hosting account, VPS, AWS EC2 instance or Google Cloud.

I’ll be following officially installation guidelines and building your VPS, AWS or Google Cloud server according to CPVLab Pro requirements.

My fees to install CPVLab Pro

I’ll install CPVLab Pro on your shared hosting account for basic price displayed above. Please note that CPVLab Pro require ionCube loaders installed on the server. You should check with your shared hosting provider if ionCube loaders are available for your account before placing an order. ionCube loaders 10 or above is required with CPVLab Pro v4.

You should select an appropriate option under Hosting Platform if you’re using anything other than shared hosting. And if you’re debating about picking a hosting solution for your CPVLab Pro installation, definitely use VPS hosting. Here are my recommended VPS Providers.

What will you get?

Free SSL and Security for CPVLab Pro

I build web servers keeping speed and security in mind. That’s why I’m only using Ubuntu 16.04 as operating system and Nginx as WebServer. Nginx is 9x faster than Apache2.

My Virtualmin and Nginx configuration is the foundation to a super-fast CPVLab Pro tracking server. I guarantee you will beat any CPVLab instance hosted on an Apache web-server in terms of speed with this configuration. I will be building your server with,

  • Virtualmin v6.03 GPL Hosting Control Panel
  • Webmin v1.892 System Administration Interface
  • Nginx v1.10.3 as webserver
  • PHP v7.0.30
  • MariaDB v10.0.36
  • Fail2Ban v0.9.3
  • Uncomplicated Firewall v0.35
  • Memcache
  • ionCube Loaders

Virtualmin has similar functionality as cPanel. It’s feature rich and fully capable of managing a CPVLab Pro tracking server. Most importantly it’s free. And it gives you options to host multiple websites and domains on your server along with CPVLab Pro.

SSL (https) Configuration for CPVLab Pro

SSL (https) will be enabled for your CPVLab Pro for FREE!, for LIFE! that’s right FREE for LIFE! This is only available for VPS, AWS EC2 and Google Cloud customers, and isn’t available for Shared Hosting customers.

I’ll install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your CPVLab domain and setup auto-renew so you won’t have to worry about it ever.

Basic VPS Security for CPVLab Pro

Your CPVLab Pro hosted VPS or EC2 instance will be safe against hacking and unauthorized login attempts. I’ll configure UFW and Fail2Ban to secure your VPS.

So what are you waiting for? Hire the best freelancer to install CPVLab Pro for you!!

Feel free to ask questions about this service on support forum.

CPVLab Pro is a self-hosted tracking software. Which means you need to give me a domain name and hosting account to install it. Since it’s a paid software, you need to give me installation package as well. Following are the information you need to provider me after ordering this service.

For Shared Hosting –

I don’t recommend using shared hosting for CPVLab Pro. It can become quite unreliable. I suggest reading Self-managed VPS providers and getting a VPS for $10 per month.

If you’re planning to install CPVLab clickserver on your shared hosting account, I’ll need following information from you.

For VPS –

If you decide to go with VPS you need to select VPS (DigitalOcean, Linode, etc) under Hosting Platform. In this case I’ll need access to your VPS. You can get a VPS from Self-managed VPS providers list. Make sure to create a server with Ubuntu 16.04. Or you can just give me access to your VPS provider so I can take care of it. Following are the order requirements if you’re installing CPVLab Pro on a VPS.

For AWS EC2 –

If you want to install CPVLab Pro on a AWS EC2 instance, you need to select Amazon Web Services EC2 under Hosting Platform. AWS EC2 instances are basically VPS, but has more management features and more expensive. Following are information I need to install CPVLab Pro on your AWS account. Preferred way of access to your AWS account is through AWS IAM.

For Google Cloud –

If you’re planning to use Google Compute Engine for CPVLab Pro, you need to select Google Cloud Platform VM under Hosting Platform. Compute Engine VM instances are basically VPS, but has more management features and more expensive. Following are information I need to install CPVLab Pro on your Google Cloud account. Preferred way of access to your Google Cloud account is through Google Cloud IAM.

Advanced VPS Security extra doesn’t need additional information.

These are the access information I need to process your order. You can change passwords to temporary passwords and give me access.

6 reviews for CPVLab Pro Installation

  1. piza7368 (verified owner)

    Excellent communication… and perfect install…. knowledgeable and flexible ….will definitely use again.. thx!

  2. dunbarsauto (verified owner)

    Great service. Will definitely be using for other things

  3. johnaxe (verified owner)

    I needed help setting up and using a custom feature of CPVlab that I could not figure out on my own. This seller solved the problem for me and i couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks!!

  4. hr1989 (verified owner)

    Awesome high quality delivery. Will definitely buy again. Great communication, clear instructions & requests. Fast delivery. Clear & concise, beautifully created, after-sale instruction page where he offers after-sale support too. Anyone needing tech help, he is your go-to tech guru.

  5. rosedealmada (verified owner)

    Work was performed quickly and thoroughly. Will enlist services again.

  6. cgme (verified owner)

    Excellent job once again my friend!

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