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Use this service to get remote desktop (VNC Server) installed on your Ubuntu VPS. You can then connect to it using your Mac, PC or Android.

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VNC Server enables remote desktop connection for Ubuntu servers. A Ubuntu VPS, when configured as a VNC server can be used to browse internet anonymously and bypass firewalls. There are many use cases. If you’re in need of a VNC server for whatever reason, you can hire a freelancer to install VNC Server on your Ubuntu VPS with this service.

Looking for a freelancer to Install VNC Server on your Ubuntu VPS?

Ubuntu VPS doesn’t come with a desktop by default. It needs to be configured to enable desktop. Which is what this service is for. I’ll enable desktop features on your VPS and give you login credentials to connect to it from your local Mac, PC or even Android device. I’ll also install Synaptic Package Manager, which you can use to install software such as Google Chrome, Firefox or BitTorrent on your VPS.

Please note that you need use VNC Viewer (free) software to connect to your remote desktop. It’s similar to using RDP on Windows. I’ll provide you instructions on how to do it.

My fees to install VNC Server Ubuntu

I’ll configure your VPS, install VNC server and give you login credentials for the base price displayed above. I recommend getting a VPS from my recommended VPS providers. Although any Ubuntu VPS would work, using a low quality VPS will directly impact your experience. I also recommend a VPS with 1GB or more RAM.

If you want VNC server setup on AWS EC2 instance, please add Setup AWS EC2 Instance to your order as it requires additional work. I can cover those with a small additional fee.

So what are you waiting for? Hire the best freelancer to install VNC Server for you and hide your identity online.

Feel free to ask questions about this service on support forum.

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  1. milanojony (verified owner)

    Excellent! You did it as I said. Looking for more installation in the future.

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