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Configure Virtualmin Networking settings for AWS EC2 and LightSail

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The Virtualmin default networking settings doesn't go very well with AWS servers. You will notice this if you ever try to install Virtualmin on AWS EC2 or LightSail. But it is easy to fix. This post will help you do it.

The Virtualmin installation script will ask you to run the post installation wizard on your browser. And it'll print URLs. But if you don't have the DNS setup for your domain correctly, non of the given URLs will work.

The URL with the IP address supposed to be working in case the domain DNS isn't setup, but Virtualmin will not detect server's extremal IP address correctly. Instead it'll print the internal IP address which is not publicly accessible.

Even though Virtualmin doesn't pick up your external IP address, or the Elastic IP address, you can still use it to access Virtualmin. Just replace the internal IP address with your external IP and open the URL in you browser. You should be able to login. Note that you need to setup a root password at this point as well.

Once you've logged in to Virtualmin, you should go to System Settings > Networking Settings and set the Default IP address for DNS records to your external IP address as shown below.

Save the changes and your Virtualmin installation should be fully configured with AWS EC2 or LightSail. But if it's still doesn't work for you, reach out to me on Fiverr or reply to this topic.

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Posted : 09/01/2024 10:00 pm
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