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What is the server setup offered with our Fiverr installation services?

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If you were looking at one of vpsfix.com installation services on Fiverr, you may be wondering what server setup we offer with our services. This topic will clear things out for you.

we at vpsfix.com are huge fans for Nginx and Virtualmin. Nginx is arguably the fastest webserver software out there. If you look at other providers on Fiverr, you will see that most of them doesn't offer nginx. Or at least mention which setup they are using. While nginx is faster that other webservers, it's bit harder to setup. This is the reason a lot of providers still stick with slower webservers like Apache2.

And Virtualmin is a free alternative to popular control panel cPanel. If you ever had a shared hosting account, you have used cPanel before. But cPanel is a paid software. Virtualmin has more capabilities than cPanel and it's a free software. So it doesn't make sense to use cPanel on a unmanaged VPS or Amazon EC2 servers.


Coming back to the server setup, we will be building your server with Following software.

  • Ubuntu 20.04
  • PHP v8.0
  • MySQL v8
  • Nginx v1.22

Above setup is called LEMP and it is the best server setup around. vpsfix.com itself is running on a LEMP server setup.

If you added Virtualmin extra to your order, we'll be also installing following software on your server.

  • Virtualmin v7.1 GPL
  • Postfix Mailserver
  • Dovecot IMAP server
  • BIND DNS server

If you add Server security extra to your order, we will install and configure following software

  • UFW - Firewall for your server
  • Fail2Ban - Intruder protection with IP banning for your server.

If you add phpMyAdmin extra to your order, we will be install and configure following software

  • phpMyAdmin

If your gig has a Redis extra, we will install and configure following software

  • Redis Cache Server

This server setup will make sure you get most out of your VPS or EC2 server.

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