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Setup Round Robin Load Balancer using DNS

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Round Robin load balancing algorithm is the easiest and most cost effective LB algorithm to implement. You don't need additional software or some premium 3rd party services to implement it. And it doesn't cost extra.

If you had ever created an A record in your DNS manager, you already know how to setup round-robin load balancing for your domain.

Let's say you have two servers with exact same content. And both servers are configured to respond to your domain name.

Domain Name:
Server #1 IP:
Server #2 IP:

The servers can be from different locations or even from different providers. You would need to create an A records in domain DNS for each server IP. Meaning that you would have two A records for, pointing to each of the servers' IP addresses.

That is it to it. Now DNS will distribute traffic between these 2 servers. The distribution will be random. You won't have control over it. It won't check server health. It's keep sending traffic to a server even if the server is offline.

Also, round-robin load balancing, and all other advanced algorithms work out of the box for static website. If you have dynamic content, you will need additional configuration on your software.


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