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How many IP address do I have to configure for guaranteed 10/10 sender score with PowerMTA?

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I'm thinking of hiring you to set up PowerMTA for my email marketing campaigns. But I'm wondering how many IPs I need to get. I want to make sure that I have 10/10 sender score.


Thanks in advance!

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Sender score isn't related to the number of IPs you have. IPs let you send out your campaigns quickly and overcome the IP based rate limiting placed by some IPS.

Sender score will be based on few technical configurations like SPF, DKIM, DMARC and the content you send. If an email you send include spam links/too many link or spammy words, your sender score will be low.

And if your IPs are blacklisted, then your sender score will be low too.

Scoring a 9+ sender score is rather easy when first setting up the server. And that's an excellent score. But maintaining it is the difficult task. If you're able to maintain your 9+ sender score, you'll have great success with your email marketing campaigns.

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