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What is the most affordable VPS provider for Prosper202?

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I’m just starting out with CPA marketing and everyone suggest me using a tracking software to track my campaigns. I’m looking at Prosper202. I have a BuleHost account. I can install it there, but it’s been suggested that I use a VPS for Prosper202. So do you know any good VPS for a reasonable price?

I only have a limited budget. I already know about Beyond hosting. But it’s too expensive for me. I don’t think I can afford $50 per month just yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Actually you don’t need to spent $50 per month on a VPS. That package from Beyond hosting only includes 512MB of RAM. That is ridiculous. You can easily rent an 1GB RAM VPS for $10 per month. Take a look at my recommended unmanaged VPS provides list.

Just get an 1GB VPS for $10 per month and use Prosper202 installation service to setup your VPS and install Prosper202, which will cost you another $20. That’s $30 for first month and you’ll only have to pay $10 from the second month. You’ll save $40 each month thanks to unmanaged service.

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