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Use this service to get Chevereto installed on your unmanaged/managed VPS, AWS EC2 instance or shared hosting. You can also enable free SSL for Chevereto with a small fee.

Chevereto Extras

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Are you looking to build your own image hosting site? If you do, Chevereto is the software you’re looking for. Chevereto offers powerful features to build, maintain and monetize your image hosting service. You can hire a freelancer to install Chevereto on your shared hosting account, VPS or AWS EC2 instance with Virtualmin control panel and nginx web server.

Looking for a Freelancer to Install Chevereto?

You’re at the right place. You can hire me to install Chevereto with SSL and security. If you’re using an unmanaged VPS for Chevereto, I’ll install powerful VPS control panel to manage your server.

Chevereto has a free version and a paid version. This service can be used for both versions. You need to provide me with files for paid version and I’ll use files from Chevereto Github repository for free version.

My fees to install Chevereto

I’ll install Chevereto on your shared hosting account for basic price displayed above. Please note that SSL extra and VPS Security extra might not be available for shared hosting customers. Contact me before ordering when in doubt.

You should select an appropriate option under Hosting Platform if you’re using anything other than shared hosting. And if you’re debating about picking a hosting solution for your Chevereto image hosting site, definitely use VPS hosting. Here are my recommended VPS Providers.

What will you get?

Free SSL and Security for Chevereto

I build web servers keeping speed and security in mind. That’s why I’m only using Ubuntu 20.04 as operating system and Nginx as Web Server. Nginx is 9x faster than Apache2.

My Virtualmin and Nginx configuration is the foundation to a super-fast image hosting site with Chevereto. I guarantee you will beat any Chevereto instance hosted on an Apache web-server in terms of speed and reliability with this configuration. I will be building your server with the latest compatible versions of,

  • Virtualmin v7.1 GPL Hosting Control Panel
  • Webmin v1.973 System Administration Interface
  • Nginx v1.22 as webserver
  • PHP v8.0
  • MySQL v8
  • Memcache

Virtualmin has similar functionality as cPanel. It’s feature rich and fully capable of managing a Chevereto image hosting website. Most importantly it’s free.

SSL (https) Configuration for Chevereto

SSL (https) will be enabled for your Chevereto image hosting site, for LIFE! that’s right for LIFE! This is only available for VPS and AWS EC2 customers, And isn’t available for Shared Hosting customers.

I’ll install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for your Chevereto domain and setup auto-renew so you won’t have to care about it ever.

Basic VPS Security

This will secure your Chevereto hosted VPS or EC2 instance against hacking and unauthorized login attempts. I’ll configure UFW and Fail2Ban to secure your VPS.

Other Chevereto Extras

Migrate Chevereto from another server

Add this extra to your order if you already have Chevereto installed and wish to migrate it to new hosting. I’ll safely transfer your data without a downtime.

So what are you waiting for? Hire the best freelancer to install Chevereto for you!!

Feel free to ask questions about this service on support forum.


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