Reddcoin (RDD) Staking Setup


Use this service to get reddcoin staking wallet installed on your unmanaged cloud VPS or AWS EC2 instance. You can also enable VPS security with an additional fee.

VPS Configuration

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Reddcoin is a proof of stake cryptocurrency. Best way to stake Reddcoin is on a cloud VPS. That way you can stake them 24×7 and get most out of your investment. You can hire a freelancer to install reddcoin staking wallet on your VPS or AWS EC2 instance with this service.

Reddcoin wallet can run smoothly and stake your coins on a $5/mo VPS from my recommended VPS providers. One of the best advantages of setting up cloud staking is that you don’t have to keep your PC on 24×7. And cloud servers are very reliable.

Reddcoin wallet generates a new address and private key while installation. I’ll have access to these information while I’m installing it. This compromise the security of this address and private key. You should never use this address. You should either import your own private key or generate new wallet.dat file to make sure no one else have access to it. I’ll guide you through it as a part of this service.

Looking for a Freelancer to install reddcoin staking wallet?

You can hire me to install reddcoin wallet on your cloud VPS or AWS ec2 instance. I’ll download reddcoin wallet from official Github repository and install it on your VPS. I’ll also add the bootstrap file to speed-up initial blockchain syncing. You can optionally have me tighten VPS security with an additional fee.

My fees to install xmr-node-proxy

I’ll setup reddcoin staking on a VPS for base price displayed above. You should add Setup AWS EC2 Instance extra to your order if you’re using Amazon web service for stacking.


Security is an important concern when dealing with cloud servers. You can use following extras to add security to your cloud stacking server.

SSH Key Pair Login

This affordable extra adds most important security feature to your server. It disables passwords and enables ssh key authentication. No one can login to your server without configured unique SSH key file. This is good enough security for most people.

Advanced VPS Security

This adds more advanced security to your reddcoin staking server. I’ll configure firewall and automatic IP banning for failed login attempts.

So what are you waiting for? Hire the best freelancer to install reddcoin staking wallet for you!!

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