What is TRON?

In 2017, a decentralized platform that is known as TRON was launched as a non-profitable foundation.

With the launch of Bitcoin, blockchain-based cryptographic operations have stretched into a huge global market. However, the fee of the blockchain activities depends on the level of cryptocurrency transactions that are laid on it. These fees are charged in order to process the essentials of the transaction. As cryptocurrencies are considered as one of the best financial investments, the charges associated with blockchains/distributional ledger technologies are considerably expensive (or high up to a certain level). In 2017, a decentralized platform that is known as TRON was launched. The platform’s main goal is to create a cost-effective free distributed storage framework. This article is an in-depth look at the TRON network and its cryptocurrency, Tronix.

What is it exactly?

TRON was launched in 2017 as a non-profitable foundation based in Singapore. Using peer-to-peer technology, they hope to bridge the gap (or eliminate the middleman) between developers.  This, on the other hand, could provide greater comfort to both the consumer and the developers. The consumer may benefit from lower prices, while the developers/founders may benefit from a higher return.

This free decentralized platform, on the other hand, would address a common challenge-driven in internet environments. In certain instances, the control of the internet platform is hugely impacted by powerful corporations and individuals. These can be positively addressed by a decentralized platform and a distributed storage like TRON. However, the network intends to move many milestones forward in the coming years.

TRON as Tronix?

The currency that is used within this network is known as Tronix (TRX). Any interested person on TRX is capable of purchasing TRX by exchanging it for top-level cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH. However, in the current scenario, TRX is unavailable to be purchased with physical currency. Further, the storing of TRX can be done on wallets that support the Ethereum network. The spending of Tronix can be done by paying for the accessed content, or relevant blockchain services. Anyways, TRX is considered the 22nd largest cryptocurrency in market existence. Therefore, purchasing TRX might be a good choice for investing.

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