5 Best crypto beginners’ guides in YouTube

Since investment is not a part of gambling, instead of depending on fortune, it's better to gain knowledge

As of 2021, There are more than 1600 cryptocurrencies in world existence. At the same time, there are some popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Dogecoin and new cryptocurrency that crops up every single day. Therefore, cryptocurrency is quite similar to real-world currency, and many are interested in investments. But if you make investments without proper knowledge, it will cause a loss unless you’re not lucky. Since investment is not a part of gambling, instead of depending on fortune, it’s better to gain knowledge. If you are looking for crypto beginners’ guides, below are the best YouTube channels to learn about crypto!

Brian Jung

Brian Jung offers knowledge about how Cryptocurrencies in the market vary according to economics. Also, it is good for beginners to learn about the new cryptocurrencies that are coming to the market. The projects of the cryptocurrencies are explained. So, beginners can invest in particular coins by knowing the scope of coins they invest in.  To offer you a glance, these are the top 10 cryptocurrencies you should invest in this year, according to Brian Jung. The video has more than 2M views.


The Trading Channel

The trading strategy that you decide to use is the most important decision that you make. Most traders make errors by just trading based on-off signals, random feelings or random technical analysis. Professionals in Crypto Trading have a rules-based trading strategy and trading plan that they follow each day.


You can watch videos on The Trading Channel to learn about analytical strategies. There are videos on Technical Analysis, Candle Chart Basics, Risk Management Strategies and more.

There are 1.18M subscribers and about 6M views for The Trading Channel, you can follow the videos under the Crypto Beginners’ Guides to learn the Crypto Trading Basics and Analysis.



There are 194k subscribers who have taken the support of the MoneyZG YouTube channel. The host is providing the strategies which are valuable for Crypto Beginners. There are videos of crypto investments you should follow in order to expand the trades.


The channel’s recent video on Cardano was very popular as he predicted the behaviour of Cardano with proves. There are videos for beginners about the analyzing of Candle charts which are useful for Future Trading in Crypto.


Also, there are videos about cryptocurrency platforms where you can start trading as beginners. It is highly recommended for Beginners and Experts too.   

Dapp University

It is worth subscribing to this channel if you want to master Blockchain. There are videos for beginners about Crypto Beginner Trading Strategies and Cryptocurrency News. If you want to make huge profits within a short period by learning the essential crypto basics, you can watch some of videos of this channel.


Also, the host is posting videos about analytically predicted Cryptocurrencies which is useful for beginners when they invest. This is one of the viral videos of him about the Ethereum coin. This is suggested as a Crypto news channel as well. You can get the latest news about the trends in Crypto Market.

Coin Bureau

Channel’s description says that “The Crypto guy is the captain of this crypto ship, and he takes  you on this epic journey into the crypto-verse”. Inspired by the caption, the videos are about the analysis of Trading Charts of Crypto for Beginners. The videos provide you to learn and watch real-time analyses.

Also, there are videos available on How Crypto Coins can behave in future and what are coins beginners should invest in to get profits. However, This is a popular video of Coin Bureau about Technical Analysis Beginners should know within 18minutes.


  • The above discussion is neither financial advice nor financial recommendation. It is a basic study on cryptocurrency which is done based on resource sources. Therefore, our team accepts no responsibility or liability for any predictions/decisions you make in the industry.

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