Earn Free Crypto using Binance Learn & Earn Program

Binance Launches EduFi - Learn and Earn Program

Binance is a cryptocurrency exchange. This was launched in 2017. It is the largest exchange in the world in terms of daily trading volume. They also have Binance Academy which they use to educate more people on current crypto and blockchain technologies. Binance started this education program in 2018, a year after their official launch. This program is quite different than their new initiative. Because it only provided knowledge instead of any rewards.

These learn and earn programs were there for quite some time. The concept is straightforward. You must first watch videos or read articles, then take quizzes, and if you pass, you will be rewarded with a set amount of crypto assets. It’s a win-win situation. As a cryptocurrency user, you will learn new concepts and earn crypto incentives.

They announced their new education initiative called Binance Learn and Earn which is also known as EduFi on 25th of march, which was just three days ago.  On the first day of announcement, they launched 6 courses where each course allowed you to earn some crypto awards.

Binance Learn & Earn courses, image was taken from Binance.com
Binance Learn & Earn courses, image was taken from Binance.com


If you are a Binance user who done your KYC verification you are can enter this programme.  If you still do not have a finance account create one from here. The day this program launched was a huge success. Since I’m a daily user on the platform, I participated in this program. As depicted in the above figure there were 6 programs to participate. Each one was awarded valuable crypto awards which sum up to more than 10 US dollars.

All the programs were easy to follow and very informative to get to know about blockchain and also about the Binance platform itself. This whole process took around 1 hour to complete. I went through all the videos and course materials without skipping any of them.

Each course contained around 2-6 videos about the particular course. Each video is around 3 – 7 minutes long, which is quite easy to grasp. And if you are a day trader you already know most of these concepts. At the end of each course, you have to face a quiz. This quiz contains around 5-10 questions. If you mark the wrong answers, it will show the correct answers. What you need to do is remember these correct ones. Because if you fail the quiz, you can retry it with the same set of questions. This was the behavior of quizzes when I last tried them.

After you complete each quiz, you get a reward badge. Below figures show the reward bages received by me.

Crypto Rewards                    


After you receive these awards, it takes some amount of time to process these awards by the platform. They mentioned it’s around 2 hours. but from my experience it might take up to 12 hours. You can see that from the figure below.

Binance processing payments
Binance processing payments

The figure also shows the details of the payments and number of rewards. i did the quizzes around 11 am on launch day. If we observed the times in figure first award took around 1 hour which is 2$ worth woo.  Other awards took more than 2 hours. So, the claim of awarding in 2 hours is not that correct.

Once your payments are processed you can see these in rewards center in binance.  Below figure shows the rewards in rewards center.


Rewards vouchers in Binance
Rewards vouchers in Binance


You need to claim these rewards in Binance within 14 days. If you fail to do so all rewards will be cancelled. So, you need to keep that in mind when you participate in this program. Beside this condition there are few other terms by the Binance team. Binance has all rights to determine who are the winners and there are responsible for all the awards get distribute over the program.

As mentioned above, the first day of this program was a huge success. There is a predefined amount of crypto allocated to these courses. As I am aware, on the first day itself all the awards were distributed. So those who came late to the party was not able to claim these awards.

Binance will continue this program in the upcoming months. So, you need to do these courses and quizzes as soon as possible. Since you can try over and over again until you get all the answers correct, it’s quite easy. So, you need to keep up with new updates. Tune into vpsfix.com for more crypto related updates.  Hope you guys also get free rewards as I did.  Cheers!!



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