Enable SSL on Virtualmin Nginx Server: Adding Certificate to Virtualmin

This tutorial discusses the setups of adding a signed SSL certificate to Virtualmin-Nginx server. Although it’s written for Virtualmin using Nginx as the http server, this should also work for Apache servers. This is the part two of three-part series Enable SSL on Virtualmin Nginx Server.

In my previous post, I guided you through the creation of CSR. You’ll be asked for it while buying the SSL certificate. I’m going to assume that you’ve used it to buy a new SSL certificate and you already have certificate files with you. It usually consist of 3 files. A Certificate file, a Key file and a CA bundle file. Now let’s add certificate file to the server.

Navigate to Virtualmin > Server Configuration > Manage SSL Certificate once again, but this time go to the Apply Signed Certificate tab. You’ll have 3 options to add the certificate to the server. You can upload file directly to the server, but I find it more reliable to copy-paste content of the certificate file to the text field. So open doman_com.crt file with your favorite text editor and copy-paste contents of it to the text field on Virtualmin. And then click Install Now button.
crt file

Certificate will be saved and you can now access your website using https. Visit your site and see if you can access it on https without Untrusted Connection warning. If you still get a warning, you need to add CA Bundle to the server as well. You can do it by going to CA Certificate tab on the Manage SSL Certificate screen.

Copy-paste content of domain_com.ca-bundle file to the text field and click Save Certificate. Warnings should disappear now. You should be seeing a green padlock icon next to your domain name in the browser.

Your website will now available on both https and http. Search engines detect this as duplicate content. We’ll take care of it on the last part of this series.


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