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Migrating sendy from shared hosting to AWS

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Hi, I am currently hosting Sendy on a shared server. However my server is based in Singapore and the AWS is in Virginia, USA.

I only managed to get 3000 emails sent over 5 hours. So I am thinking of migrating Sendy to AWS.

I wish to keep my current host to my main domain. This case, if I create a sub-domain e.g., it will appear to my recipient as the sender right?


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It doesn't appear as the sender. The 'From' address you configure in your brand is what appear as sender.

However, the unsubscribe link will reveal your sub domain to the receiver.


I don't completely understand your point. Maybe something wrong with my understanding. However, as far as I understand your question. I think you are asking the way to migrate your server from sendy shared hosting to AWS. Perhaps, you should follow the link as they have described the process in detail

You can also go with the managed amazon's aws web hosting which is powered by Cloudways where they cater all the aspects of migration, and managing of the server.

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