How To Add Nofollow Links in WordPress

A nofollow link is a kind of link that directs search engines not to pass any link juice

Links that take you from one website to another website are known as backlinks. Having backlinks in your website is an important ranking method for Google. But over the past years, quality has taken overcapacity.

Having few backlinks from qualitative websites is more important than having hundreds of links from non-qualitative websites. To keep a check on quality of website, google introduced dofollow and nofollow attributes for backlinks.

Nofollow links do not pass link equity from the linking page to the linked page. It may not pass link equity, but it will still strengthen your SEO. People still follow these links and visit your website, and the number of users on your website is also a positive signal to Google.

Nofollow is an HTML rel attribute added to links irrespective of WordPress or any custom made website. A nofollow link is a kind of link that directs search engines not to pass any link authorization from your page to the other website you’re linking to. By adding the link attribute rel=” nofollow”, You can turn any of your links into a nofollow link.

How to add Nofollow links using WordPress Classic Editor.

  1. First, open the Text editor in WordPress Classic editor.
  2. You need to find the link you want to alter. After that, add the rel=nofollow” attribute within the text.
NoFollow link WordPress Classic Editor

        3. Then click Save Changes or Publish.

The Yoast SEO plugin from our best on-page SEO plugins for WordPress list lets you add nofollow links to Posts, Pages, and more easily on a page by page basis. After installing the plugin, you can see a Yoast SEO meta box under the content editor for your post or pages on all post types.

Advantages of NoFollow Links in SEO

Nofollow links help your website SEO, although most of the advantages are probably indirect. The danger connected with a high-profile nofollow link is well worth the effort. It contributes positively to your visibility in search results and sending direct referral traffic, and improving webpage reach. It also appears to be almost certain that nofollow links help pages get indexed. No follow links actually have an impact on a website. Moreover, both do follow & no follow links are necessary for ranking a website. No doubt, Google gives less priority to no follow links while crawling but it can increase traffic to your websites or blogs as well.

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