Best Plugin to Manage Onpage SEO on WordPress Blog

One of the advantages of WordPress is that it has a plugin for almost anything you want to achieve with it. For SEO there’s so many. But few of them are really shining. A webmaster can’t use all of them at once. So what’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

I have been blogging with WordPress for some time now. And I have used many deferent plugins to manage my on-page SEO over the years. Things are changing very quickly. So I had to switch between few plugins. I have tested both good and bad of SEO plugins. Let’s talk about what’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress.

There’re plugins that helps on-page SEO in deferent ways. For example, a caching plugin and a sitemap plugin also help on-page SEO of a WordPress blog. But I won’t bother with those in this post. What I’m going to talk about here is plugins that let you manage your overall SEO. Plugins that give you control over your title tags, Meta descriptions, Nofollow, Noindex, etc…

This is going to be a battle between two plugins. One is SEO Ultimate, other one is Yoast’s WordPress SEO. Both are pretty good plugins and both has something unique to offer. I had trouble which one I’m going to use on this blog. Infect I used both of them at same time for a while. But with Yoast’s recent update, I had to choose between one. I decided to stick with SEO Ultimate.

Why Just 2 Plugins? What about Others?

Yes there’s plugins like All in one SEO as well. Most of them don’t cover every aspect of WordPress and Search Engine Optimization. But SEO Ultimate and Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugins cover all of them. They are always up to date with WordPress and SEO. So no other plugin comes close to those, At least not in 2012. I have posted my issues with All in one SEO at WP Page Break and Duplicate Meta Tags, where I got banned from Google for few weeks. At that time, both Ultimate and Yoast’s plugins got it covered. So be carefully if you choose to go with something other than SEO Ultimate and Yoast’s SEO.

SEO Ultimate vs. WordPress SEO

As I said before, they both have something unique and valuable to offer. This makes it hard to choose between them. But in my case SEO Ultimate wins the competition.

Yoast’s WordPress SEO

This plugin offers sitemap feature in addition to traditional features of a SEO plugin. It has ability to analyze each post and make suggestions using third party SEO tool. It also displays SEO score of the post in WP admin bar. If you don’t have additional requirements than this, it’s the best plugin over SEO Ultimate for you. It’s just best to optimize your post based on keywords.

SEO Ultimate

This plugin is packed with so many features. It’s the ideal plugin for internet marketer. It has more than 25 useful modules that can be turned on or off individually. These include URL masker, rich snippet creator, 404 monitor, Sharing Facilitator and many more. It truly is an all in one SEO solution for WordPress.

I leave final decision with you. I know both these plugins are very good at what they do. It can’t go wrong for anyone.


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