Top 3 Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins for WordPress

You may already know how important it is to cloak your affiliate links if you’re in affiliate marketing business. It not only helps you secure your commissions against commission thefts but also protects your site from possible Google penalties. Fortunately, there are many ways you can cloak your links. If you’re using WordPress, there are few plugins available for you as well.

And when there’s so many available, it’s hard to pick a one. I’ll list best cloaking plugins on this page so you can pick right one for you.

What Does These Plugins Do?

Basically they hide your affiliate links from visitors and everything else. When cloaked, your affiliate links will look like and when someone clicks on it, it’ll redirect user to your affiliate link. So no one ever will see your affiliate tag on the URL. Most of them don’t even notice what’s happening in the background. That’s the basic functionality of a cloaking plugin. But some plugins on this list does lot more than that.

01. MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate

Ninja Affiliate plugin by MaxBlogPress is without a doubt the best link cloaking plugin for WordPress. It bundles features that’ll actually increase your conversion rate. It’s a premium plugin and cloaking isn’t the only thing it does. It’ll track every single click to your affiliate links. It also has ability to automatically convert any keyword on your blog to an affiliate link. It’s a feature that free plugins doesn’t have and a feature that worth paying for. You also get full control over which keyword to convert and how many to convert per page. You can view a full list of features by clicking button below. It comes with a 14 day trail so you can see how it works before buying.
Ninja Affiliate

02. Pretty Link Pro

Pretty Links Pro offers almost everything that Ninja Affiliate plugin offer. You’ll have many redirection methods to choose from. It also has a free version that only does 301 & 302 redirection. You can download it from WordPress plugin directory. But free version doesn’t come with the link cloaking feature that we’re after. 301 & 302 redirections are not the ideal way to hide links when it comes to SEO. But anyways premium version includes link grouping, automatic keyword replacement, click tracking and so much more. You can find out more by clicking the button below.
Pretty Link Pro

03. Eclipse Link Cloaker

Eclipse Link Cloaker is another great product with most wanted features. It also can be used to convert any keyword on your post or page to an affiliate link. This way you don’t have to edit all your posts to add affiliate links. It can be integrated with Google Analytics to do click tracking. If you don’t feel like using GA, it has a simple built-in tracking solution which will give you basic data like click count and referring page. It has few cloaking techniques and few essential features like automatically adding nofollow tag to all cloaked links across the site. It’s slightly cheaper than other 2 plugins in the list. Once again click below button to find out more features of the plugin.
Eclipse Link Cloaker

If you’re looking for a free plugin, you can use Affiliate Link Cloaker, URL Cloak & Encrypt or even Pretty Link Lite. But I highly recommend going for a premium plugin as they has lot more to offer and it’s a good investment to make.

Using a plugin is not the only way you can cloak your affiliate links. I’ll post few other methods you can use to cloak in few days. So remember to subscribe to our feeds.


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