Four hottest and latest DeFi projects in 2021

De-Fi is an un-stoppable topic. Day to day the updates of DeFi creates more curiosity.

DeFi is an un-stoppable topic. Day to day the updates of DeFi creates more curiosity not only for the freshers but for the entire world. Considering the past few years, the DeFi projects have shown a rapid growth in certain dimensions around the globe and expanded for a DeFi market of more than $35 billion. In this context, we would like to consider about 4 hottest and latest DeFi projects in 2021.


Radix is a protocol that is specially developed to serve the fast-growing DeFi industry. Currently, DeFi applications suffer from congestions/hacks and those leads to developer frustration. This can be identified as the first layer 1 protocol that has been built for the DeFi scope and Radix is a better solution for scalability issues of crypto-networks such as Ethereum. Moreover, Radix provides a more secured and more composable nature. All of these advantages are provided by Radix from its super technology outcomes such as its own functional programming language and on-ledger developer incentives. Already XRD sale of about $12.7 million been completed.


This is the world’s first hybrid liquidity aggregator that provides liquidity for both CeFi and Defi domains. The Finxflo platform is designed in order to offer lesser slippage, lesser risk, and especially with no withdrawal fees. The native token of Finxflo is “FXF” and it is a 3.0 blockchain asset. However, the miners are allowed to mine FXF tokens by trading on the FXF platform. Furthermore, staking, liquidity mining, governance voting rights are accessible on the FXF platform. It also introduces cross-chain interoperations across Ethereum and Tron systems opening new dimensions for DeFi.


No doubts! The younger generation has a deep desire for gaming. ExceedMe is a better place for such gamers. ExceedMe has developed a fair and trusted Play2Earn blockchain-powered gaming platform. This is a combination of NFT, DeFi, and Blockchains. The native tokens of ExceedMe “XED” are enabling the money to flow towards the player according to the skills of the player. Now the gamers can earn money before being professional in gaming due to this economical platform rewarding criteria. This would be one of the best DeFi projects in 2021.


FinNexus is an open finance protocol that is developed on top of the Wanchain network.  FinNexus provides better comfort for the crypto users to manage their cryptocurrencies/blockchain-based assets and to perform transactions in cross-chain scenarios. The FinNexus allows the user to access anytime to connect over-the-counter (OTC) platforms and to perform exchanges. Moreover, FinNexus has introduced a MASP; A Multi-Asset Single Pool model that stimulates the users to gain exposure to a crypto pool.

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