How to buy OnX Finance (ONX) tokens on Uniswap

How to swap Ethereum (ETH) for OnX Finance (ONX) tokens on Uniswap

OnX Finance (ONX) is an exciting project in Ethereum DeFi space. Though it’s still new, it’s getting lot of attention due to the airdrop happening in just few hours (24th December 2020). For majority of the users who are interested in OnX token, main question seem to be “How to buy OnX token”. I’m writing this tutorial to answer that question.

The problem with new a project like OnX Finance is lack of exchange support. The only exchange that support OnX right now is UniSwap. Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. It’s not as easy as trading on a regular exchange for new users, given that lot of attention OnX Finance (ONX) is getting from major exchanges like Binance. So how do you buy How to buy OnX token? The answer is you need swap ETH for OnX on UniSwap. So let’s get right into it.

This is not financial advice. Cryptocurrency is a very volatile market. Whole space is unregulated. Use at your own risk and do your own research. isn’t liable for any losses.

Step #1 – Buy Ethereum (ETH)

You need to have some ETH first. You can’t buy Ethereum (ETH) with fiat on Uniswap. You may want to use Binance’s Buy Crypto feature or CoinBase to buy ETH with your fiat money. But I think most people reading this guide may already have ETH or know how to get them. So get some ETH and transfer them to your Ethereum wallet. If you don’t have a Ethereum wallet yet, you can create one in next step.

Also make sure you get some additional ETH to cover gas fees. Having 0.03 – 0.04 ETH will be enough to cover the gas fees for transactions.

Step #2 – Install MetaMask

MetaMask will be your gateway to the Ethereum blockchain. It will let you interact with Uniswap and all other Dapps securely. So head over to MetaMask website and install their browser extension. Installing MetaMask is as easy as installing any other browser extension. You may also use their iPhone or Android apps. But I will be using MetaMask Chome extension for this tutorial.

Once installed, you will be asked to import your existing Ethereum wallet or create a new one. Follow their instructions and setup your MetaMask wallet with a strong password.

Step #3 – Swap ETH to ONX tokens

With MetaMask configured and some Etherium in your wallet, now you have everything ready to buy your OnX Finance (ONX) tokens. Head over to Uniswap and click Launch App button. You will be taken to the Uniswap Interface. ETH should be already selected in the from field. Select it if it’s not. You also need to select OnX token on the to field.

Click Select a token button. The Uniswap default list doesn’t contain OnX Finance (ONX) token yet. We need to use another list that contain it. I suggest using CoinGecko list. Use the Change link at the bottom of the pop up and change the list to CoinGecko.

Next, search for keyword onx and select OnX Finance (ONX) token. Uniswap Interface should look similar to the second image when both tokens are selected correctly.

Now type in the amount of ETH you want to swap for OnX tokens. System will automatically calculate and display estimated OnX tokens you will be getting. Click Swap button if you’re happy with the values. Confirm the swap on the next screen and it will be sent to MetaMask.

MetaMask will then open a new window and ask you to confirm the transaction. It will be sent to Ethereum blockchain upon confirmation. Transaction will take few minutes to complete and you will see newly brought OnX Finance (ONX) tokens in your wallet when it’s complete.

I hope my How to buy OnX Finance (ONX) tokens have helped you secure some OnX Finance (ONX) tokens at the really early stage of the project.

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