Common WordPress Myths

By learning more about WordPress, you can avoid these common problems to maintain a successful blog

In a world where blogging is the new way to express yourself, many people tell you that you should learn about WordPress. WordPress is one of the easiest platforms for bloggers to make the most of their time and create a viable business. It is also one of the fastest-growing blogging platforms on the internet today. As it is growing in popularity, many common myths are floating around. It’s time to set the record straight and bust these myths for good.

Does WordPress is easy to use?

The Most Popular Myth: WordPress is easy to use. This is not true. You will spend hours doing configuration and tweaking your website until it works perfectly for you. Yes, some tutorials are available online to help you get a handle on how to configure your WordPress install, but it’s not something you can easily do by yourself. For the most part, tweaking your site will take a lot of time.

Website design

Another myth surrounding WordPress is that you don’t have to do any design work. This is not true either. Even if you are not very computer savvy, you can build a professional-looking blog with several add-ons that will make your life easier.

Content publishing

People seem to believe is that by publishing your blog on the server, you need to use your website’s host. This is simply untrue. Although you may not want to do all of your writing on your computer, you can publish your blog posts through the WordPress platform. It does not matter where you do your writing. As long as you’re using the right hosting company, you can publish your content on your website.

You also may have heard that it takes forever to publish a blog post. Nothing could be further from the truth. WordPress has built-in “post-delay,” which limits how long it takes to publish your post. This feature was built to allow users to edit their blog posts within minutes manually. It also provides the opportunity for users to make small changes over time. If you’ve ever edited your post and then saved it, you probably know that there is a delay between saving it and when it is visible on the website.

What Language is WordPress Written In? ​

One of the most common WordPress Myths involves changes being made to the code. The truth is, WordPress uses the PHP language. That’s not a programming language that most people know. While it can be confusing at first, you’ll probably get the hang of it after reading through a few tutorials.


Perhaps the most common WordPress Myths relates to security. WordPress websites are highly secure. There are many layers of protection in place that will protect your blog from hackers and other unauthorized users of your site. These include multiple login options, encrypted file pages, and cookie support. All of these factors help to ensure that your website is 100% safe from casual attacks and, more importantly, from hackers.

All in all, WordPress can be a great solution to many website-related problems. While there are certainly some myths out there, you can ensure that your website is as secure and useful as possible by following the common tips and guidelines that apply to WordPress. Remember to do any research before publishing anything online and always keep an eye out for security issues. After all, if you keep your WordPress website up to date, you’ll be able to enjoy it for a very long time.

Another one of those common WordPress Myths concerns the amount of time it takes to start up. This isn’t true. In general, you can get WordPress up and running in less than fifteen minutes. Of course, there are always situations where you might need to tweak something or add something new, but you won’t be losing any valuable time in general. The built-in ‘install now’ option is another quick and easy way to get WordPress running in a matter of minutes.

WordPress Upgrading

One of the biggest WordPress Myths out there relates to upgrading. As far as upgrades go, they aren’t that difficult to perform. You can complete a simple upgrade in under thirty minutes. Even better, since WordPress automatically updates itself, there is no risk of waiting for the website to update.

Hopefully, this article has given you a good starting point in learning about WordPress and the common WordPress myths that exist. By learning more about WordPress, you can avoid these common problems to maintain a successful blog. If you want to learn more, be sure to check out our beginners’ guide to WordPress and our advanced tutorials on WordPress.

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