How to Profit From Facebook Ads with CPA Offers

Running a CPA campaign on Facebook is a real challenge. Facebook doesn’t convert well for most offers. Lots of people lose hundreds of dollars every day trying to solve misery of Facebook ads. It’s very expensive and quality is below the average.

Quality of Facebook Traffic

You may be surprised when I said ‘Facebook traffic quality is below the average’. But I mean it. I mean it as a CPA marketer. Facebook ads don’t convert for its price. There is a reason behind this. People come to Facebook to hang out with their friends and family. So they are most likely to ignore ads. Ever if there are interested, they don’t like to go outside of Facebook. So some users will click your ads, but they will close the window as soon as they realize that they are going to another website. That’s all about their mind set.

Let’s say that you’re promoting a $500 Amazon gift card offer, most of them will be interested in this offer. They will click your ads and check out for it. But they are not desperate for it. They don’t really need it at that moment. They will soon return to what they were doing before and Facebook will charge you for click.

What Converts with Facebook Ads

That’s lots of negativity of Facebook. But it doesn’t mean you can’t profit from Facebook. There are some CPA marketers profiting from it. You just need to know which offer will convert and which won’t. And for that particular converting offer, which age group, gender and location you should target. And of course image and ad copy also plays a big part when getting user to click your ads.

From my experience with Facebook ads, I find that dating offers converting best for Facebook. And some ’email submit’ offers as well. But you still have to work hard on it. You must test your ads with many different images and many different ad copies until you find your winner. Once you find it, you can bank big.

Next important part in success with Facebook ads is ‘Targeting’. It’s explained on Facebook Ad Targeting Strategy


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