Facebook Ads Targeting Strategy for CPA offers

Targeting is one of the most important parts when it comes to promoting CPA offers with Facebook PPC program. This is where most marketers fail and lose majority of their money on expensive clicks or impressions.

As I promised on my previous post about profit from Facebook PPC program, I’m here for sharing my targeting strategy on Facebook advertising. But first of all you need to understand the different between Facebook traffic and search traffic. Let’s get the same example I took on above mentioned post. An amazon gift card,

Different between Search Traffic and Facebook Traffic

Think about search traffic you’ll get for Amazon gift card. Let’s say you’re advertising with Adwords. The each visitor sent by Adwords is searched for something related to Amazon gift card. The person who visits your page is already interested in product you’re promoting. And there’s big chance of user will perform the action you need.

Now Facebook traffic, people come to Facebook to hangout with friends and family. Even if they interested enough to click your ads, they are not in need of product you’re promoting. If they need it, they will go out and search for it on search engine. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying convince you to stop Facebook adverting and start search advertising. But you need to understand this deference to be successful with Facebook.

So I hope this explains the quality deference between Facebook traffic and search traffic. So now that you know the deference, targeting will become little bit easier. The success of PPC advertising is relying on reaching right person at right time. Facebook doesn’t offer that. That’s why most of people fail on Facebook.

My Targeting Strategy

To be successful with Facebook, you need to think out of the box. You need to be smart. I don’t really know how to explain this correctly. So I like to get an example. On my previous post, I told you dating offers convert well on Facebook. Let’s take a dating offer as an example.

If you simply target bench of single people, that’s not going to work. Facebook does not work that way. You need to pick an interest. Let’s pick a popular soccer them. You may only have 200k or 300k people to target. That is more than enough to get some reasonable conversions. What you want to do next is find an eye catching, relevant image. May be girl wearing a team’s jersey (if you’re targeting males). Once again be creative. And connect image and your offer within text. But remember, you’re not allowed to mention interest in you ad copy. I’ll write something like ‘They like it too’. Then call action.

And then you need to create a custom lander related to your ad copy. If user landed on some unrelated page than he expected, he’ll close the window thinking it is spam. I have tested this strategy and it worked for me. Hopefully it’ll work for you as well.

And don’t forget to track your campaign performance. Without proper tracking, you’ll never get profit from PPC advertising. Read my Facebook ad tracking tutorial for more information.


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