Best SSD Cloud Unmanaged VPS Providers and Discounts

Are you looking to host your website in the cloud? These are the top 5 SSD cloud Unmanaged VPS providers with affordable pricing plus discounts.

There are lots of Unmanaged VPS providers out there. But there are few that really shine. If you have decided to move your website to a cloud VPS and looking for the best SSD cloud unmanaged VPS providers out there, this post is for you. These are the top 5 SSD cloud VPS providers in the market with competitive pricing plus discounts.

A VPS is a must for websites nowadays because loading speed of a website is a key aspect of user experience. Plus search engines like Google also prefer fast loading websites over slow sites. Let’s face it, no one likes a slow website. Whether you’re looking to host your tracking software, CMS like a WordPress or HTML landing pages, using a VPS will improve speed of your pages. And using SSD cloud VPS improves it even more.

Managed VPS vs Unmanaged VPS

The way I see it, the only different between managed and unmanaged service is the price. It doesn’t take much to configure an unmanaged VPS. In my opinion, VPS is well-managed even when it’s unmanaged. And it’s hard to find truly unmanaged service out there. Most of them are semi managed, which is a good fact on customer’s point of view.

Technically with managed service, you can count on your VPS provider to solve most issues with your VPS. And on unmanaged service, you’re on your own for most things.

If you’re in any doubt of going with an unmanaged cloud VPS, well don’t be. I have tutorials covering how to do everything on unmanaged VPS right here on this blog. If you’re still in doubt, you can hire me to setup your server and install any software you want for as low as $19.99 per server.  And if you’re still in doubt, you can check out my Managed VPS services. So let’s look at our top five best SSD cloud unmanaged VPS providers.

01. Vultr VPS

Vultr is the new rising start in the unmanaged VPS industry. They are a cloud based service provider and they offer great prices with latest hardware. They have a really simple user interface that anyone can understand. New server creation just takes few seconds and you’ll be on your way in no time. Vultr was lunched in March, 2014 and already has a growing client base of 100k+ and deployed over 3 million servers.

They have 512MB RAM package that beats every other service provider of its kind. It only costs $2.5 per month and a 1GB RAM server is priced at $5 per month. Vultr is the best choice if you’re looking to buy a cheap but state of the art technology VPS. And add to that, I’m currently using Vultr as my provider, so you know you can trust them. If you’re buying to host a website, I suggest getting 1GB or more RAM. Vultr is the #1 of my list of best SSD cloud unmanaged VPS providers.

Vultr Logo

02. DigitalOcean VPS

Landing at second place of my best SSD cloud unmanaged VPS providers list is DigitalOcean. It is the real deal. It offers most up-to-date servers for very cheap prices. It’s been around for about 8 years but has become one of leading cloud VPS providers in the market. Servers on DigitalOcean are called Droplets. It has a very simple signup process. Launching a new droplet is easier than that.

It costs $5 per 1GB RAM droplet per month. You’ll have freedom to choose between per-hour and per-month billing. I highly recommend DigitalOcean since they’re without a doubt one of the best providers listed on this page. I’ve hosted my site on DigitalOcean for years, then I moved to Vultr to test their service and didn’t want to go back. But I don’t have anything against them. DigitalOcean is actively expanding their product range. In addition to VPSes, they also have managed databases, spaces and more to come.

DigitalOcean Logo

03. UpCloud VPS

UpCloud makes it to third place of my best SSD cloud unmanaged VPS providers list. It has been around since 2011, almost as long as DigitalOcean. They are a Europe based provider operating from Finland. But they do have offices in the USA as well. Cheapest package they offer is $5/month which bundles 1Gb of RAM and 25GB disk space. Pricing is identical to top 2 providers mentioned above. They offer both Linux and Windows servers. However, they claim their servers are faster than top 2 providers. There are benchmarks posted on their website if you want to compare.

The self-claimed fastest cloud VPS provider of the work, UpCloud has 7 datacenters around the world. UpCloud should be the first choice for people and companies operating inside Europe. But overall, they are as good as my top 2 recommended providers.

UpCloud Logo

04. Linode VPS

Based in Pennsylvania, United States, Linode is the oldest provider in the space to the best of my knowledge. They have been in business since 2003. The reason DigitalOcean took over the market so quickly was because of their user-friendliness. But Linode wasn’t far behind in terms of technology. There was a time when Linode dominated the unmanaged VPS market. Since then, Linode has improved their UI. And now it’s as simple as top 3 providers.

Unlike the providers I mentioned above, Linode does almost ZERO advertising. And they don’t give you free credits for signing up. But they have a proven track record and inevitably among the top 5 unmanaged VPS providers in the market. Getting into pricing, they are same as top 3 providers. They also have datacenters across USA, Europe and Asia.


05. ServerPoint VPS

ServerPoint, also known as COLOSSUS CLOUD is another leading cloud VPS provider. They have been in the business from 1998. And started offering unmanaged cloud servers from an undefined date. It has a solid 100K+ client base under its belts. It is an award winning company with great support. ServerPoint also offer state of the art SSD cloud servers for cheap price. They have data-centers all over the world and like all other providers in this list, they own their data-centers.

ServerPoint offered best prices for large servers. It was the best option for 4GB+ RAM servers. Priced at only $28 per month for 4GB RAM cloud VPS server. But providers listed above lowered their prices a couple years back to match ServerPoint prices. Prices are mostly the same as top providers as of now. 1GB RAM server price is equal to industry standard of $5. The ServerPoint 8GB RAM server is still the cheapest you can find.



Hey!! I'm Tharindu. I'm from Sri Lanka. I'm a part time freelancer and this is my blog where I write about everything I think might be useful to readers. If you read a tutorial here and want to hire me, contact me here.

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  1. Good post, yet I didn’t see your mention of recommendation for installing pros.per on vp.s ser.ver Tharindu

  2. Hi Tharindu,

    Thanks for the helpful post. I am new to all this. So I am concerned if I order unmanaged vps, how will I get cpanel on it?

    I visited interserver vps website, where it has the option to get 2slice with cpanel for $22 ($12+$10). Would you recommend going for that? And I think they have increased each slice to 512 mb ram.

    Thanks for the help.

  3. Nice information is here,but i want to know how to setup prosper202 on database pasting of tracking code on my website.

  4. Hi friend, I’ve just red your article and I joined DigitalOcean through your link
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  5. Hostodo is cheaper than like all of these options and they have super fast servers. I have a couple NVMe KVM VPS I use for running some docker containers and they run super smooth

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