Using Payoneer Debit Card with PayPal

Payoneer MasterCard® debit card is the fastest way of getting paid online. It wasn’t easy to get your hands on a Payoneer card. But things seem gotten easier lately. PayPal is also a good way of getting paid online. But the question is can you combine both this methods? Let’s find out if one can use Payoneer Debit Card with PayPal.

I have used PayPal for few years now. I always wanted to have a Payoneer debit card as well. But it was difficult to sign up of a card back then. But however I managed to get a card and very happy with it. It means a lot to me since PayPal is almost useless in my country. So with me getting a Payoneer card recently, I had opportunity to find answers to some questions that are bothering me for a while.

I have also seen some people asking this kind of questions on popular forums. Just so I know now, I realize how inaccurate some of the answers given are. Some answers are like “No, you can’t use Payoneer card with PayPal”. This is not true. Payoneer and PayPal actually work very well together. Payoneer is working hard to clear these misunderstandings and doubts. You’re most likely to see a reply from either Taila or Nissim on these kinds of topics. However with this post I would like to share my experience with Payoneer and PayPal.

Can I verify PayPal Account with Payoneer MasterCard?

Yes, you can. But you should have funds on your card and most importantly both name and address on your Payoneer card and PayPal account must be the same. Although I haven’t tested this myself, there’s enough evidence online to confirm this. The reason I couldn’t test this was my PayPal is already verified when I receive Payoneer card.

But the first thing I did after receiving my card was adding it to my PayPal account. It cost me $1. It’s the Payoneer’s standard fee for checking card balance on an ATM. So if you verify your PayPal account with Payoneer, you’ll be charge $2 on your card and it’ll be credited to your PayPal once verification is successful. And if you just add your card to PayPal, It’ll act like an ATM balance inquiry and standard fee of $1 will be charged from your card.

Can I Withdraw Funds from PayPal to Payoneer Card

This was something I though impossible to do. But turned out I was wrong. Thanks to Talia for making it clear to me. Following was the reply I got from Talia when I posted about this on our forum (Discontinued).

Hi Tharindu! I’m Talia, Payoneer’s Director of Community. I just wanted to let you know that you can, indeed, withdraw from PayPal to your Payoneer card. For that you need the US Payment Service. Just talk to our support team (or email me at taliakl at for the application. 🙂 If you ever have any questions you’d like answered about Payoneer, please feel free to contact me directly.

So I went ahead and registered for US Payment Service. They gave me an US checking account which I can use to receive funds from major US companies including Amazon, PayPal, Go Daddy and Google. You can find the full list of supported companies here. Payoneer will charge 1% of transaction as fee for this service and it’s the only fee applies to this service. Funds will be deposited directly to your card and it’s almost immediate. It’s way cheaper than the standard load fee on my card as well.

I hope this page answers most of your questions about Payoneer + PayPal. Please leave a comment if you’re unclear of something.


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  1. It’s a Very happy to me read this Great post and it’s also from a Sri Lankan. However I cleared one point. I thought Card cannot be added until I get a US Payment Service account.

    Thank You!

    1. I got payoneer card already activated successfully. But when i go to in the menu services/US payment service, it indicates that service active. I want to know wheather that the US P service is activated. Or need I to request. I know that i can receive paymemnts via paypal holders to my payoneer card directly. I can redeem my card at check outs and ATMs. isnt it

  2. This article is very useful, but I have a question: paypal in srilanka allow to send money only and not to receive money from others what to do?And by what address open paypal ?

      1. good so you told: most importantly both name and address on your Payoneer card and PayPal account must be the same.

        if i open us paypal account & want to verify by us US Payment Service account also same rule ?
        can i talk with u ? by Mobile pls

  3. Can you provide a step by step guidance on how to obtain a USA address and a Bank account in USA without being present in USA This will be a great information for people who cannot have a paypal account because of their country residence. Payza also has a debit card but how can you use it to verify paypal account?

    1. I don’t think you can obtain a US address. But US bank account may be possible. Payoneer’s US Payment Service doesn’t support all the features of a bank account. And for Payza, I’m not familiar with it. But it should work with PayPal as a normal debit card

      1. Well obtaining a US address is not a problem but I really need to find out about how I can open a bank account as non resident of USA meaning not living in USA. Can you please let me know if you can.
        Kind Regards

        1. Well the best option will be to walk into a one of US Bank branches in your country, like Citi Bank or may be HSBC. They’ll sure help you get a US bank account. I’m not aware of a way to do this online.

  4. I’ve been searching a solution for this problem all over the internet for a long time and must say this post of yours has been the most helpful. But I still have some problems to clear up. You have mentioned that it is compulsory that both the addresses in the paypal and payoneer should be the same. But if I use a Paypal Sri Lanka account, clearly I’m out of luck as there’s no fund receiving facility to paypal SL accounts. Therefore I will have to register my paypal as I’m from another country (don’t know whether it is safe or not). But it is also compulsory for Payoneer to provide our true Address so as I reside in Sri Lanka I definitely will have to give my true address. That’s the confusing point I have in this. Do you have any suggestions for me on how do I need to make my paypal account and where should I give as my country and mail address? Will it be safe and wouldn’t I have any trouble then to verify it with the payoneer account?

    1. Hi Ruwan,

      Well this is a big problem we have as Sri Lankans. If you however get a verified account from PayPal supported country, you can add your Payoneer card to PayPal and use it. But you can’t verify your PayPal with it. Giving false information to PayPal is not recommended. It’s against their terms and illegal. It’ll put your funds at a risk. PayPal can limit your account anytime and ask you for address proof, which you may not be able to provide. So I wouldn’t risk it unless I can provide address proof.

  5. You said that you registered for US Payment Service and got a US chequing account. Please can you give a step by step guide to this.

    1. Hi Rashi, it’s easy. You just have to contact payoneer support and ask them for US Payment Service application. They’ll send it to you. First login to your account and you’ll find ‘Contact Us’ link under General Information tab.

          1. There are no country specific steps to activate USPS. Contact Payoneer and they’ll send you an application. You should already have a Payoneer card before applying to USPS

          2. I asked that problem cause. I saw that until USPS has verified you can’t receive payments and to verify and activate the USPS they are asking a Passport copy or Government Issued Local ID copy.

          3. Ahh.. all right. If you reside in Sri Lanka, Your Payoneer address must be in Sri Lanka. Just send them a copy of your NIC. You can scan it or even take picture of it from your phone. It’ll be fine. And it doesn’t have to be in English.

      1. There is another service called “The Payoneer Global Bank Transfer service. “Can we use it to get PayPalmoney. Do you know about this ?

  6. Hi, Thank you for this great post. I have a payoneer card that is already activated for US Payment service. I can get funds directly from my client to the card.

    Everyone is explaining how to add your payoneer card to the paypal account, but no one knows how to add the bank information if the paypal account is from Sri Lanka. I have replied to paypal in this regard and they verified that you cannot add the bank details to sri lanka.

    Payoneer’s main solution is to help people who doesn’t have the withdraw facility in their country. So how does this help?

    Lets say if someone wants to pay me through paypal, how do I get this fund to my payoneer US bank account?

    Appreciate your feedback



    1. Hello Shiran,

      Unfortunately PayPal Sri Lanka accounts are useless as withdraws are not supported. I know this is disappointing. But there’s nothing few of us can do about this.

  7. Hi. Tharindu! This blog post is extremely helpful and I have a question for you.
    I have a fully functional Payoneer account along with a Payoneer MasterCard which is linked with Paypal correctly.
    I have listed several items on eBay as well. But, should I have to ask additional permission from Paypal to receive payments or just wait and see? Please show me the way to solve this matter. Thank you!

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