How to transfer WebMoney funds to PayPal

If you’re familiar with WebMoney, you should already know that it’s pretty hard to get funds out of your WebMoney Purse. But it’s not impossible. You can use an ex-changer to transfer your funds. I’ll show you a safe and secure method in this post.

rchange-webmoney-paypalThere are lots of e-currency ex-changers on the internet. But you should be careful with them as you can easily get scammed. Finding a trustworthy ex-changer is hard. I too got scammed once. It was pretty bad. I lost $150 attempting an ex-change. But a friend of mine told me about rChange. I’ve been using rChange to transferring my Payza funds to PalPal for few months now. They always paid me on time. So if you’re looking to exchange your WMZ USD to PayPal, rChange is the safest ex-changer out there. And it’s very cheap too. It’ll only cost you about $2 for $100 exchange. There’s a calculator on their site so you’ll know your exact cost before making the exchange. Click here for more.

rChange is a Hong Kong based legally registered company. I’ve done my research before using them for my first exchange. I didn’t want to be scammed again. Although a friend of mine suggested rChange, I had my doubts because of my past experience. But they are very transparent and there’s an online chat system on their website which you can use to ask your questions any time. They are very happy to help and will assist you solve your e-currency exchanging problems.

You can also exchange WME EUR, WMR RUB and WMU UAH to your local bank account using rChange.


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