5 Ways the Internet has Revolutionized the Way We do Business

As we enter 2013, and the Internet hits its 30th birthday, it’s fascinating to look back on how much it has changed the business world. While certain universal principles of good business still apply, the means through which they are applied are constantly changing.

Without a doubt, the increasing quality and availability of Internet service played a large part in many of these innovations. Take CLEAR Internet service, for instance, which allows users to get online at their homes or on-the-go with the cheapest broadband. That is just one of many wireless Internet services that have allowed online business to flourish. Thirty years ago, the idea of taking the Internet anywhere would have seemed like insanity.

With that in mind, here is a look at five ways the Internet has revolutionized the way we do business:

  1. The Social Boom – The days of social media being entirely for social purposes are long gone. Businesses in all industries are using Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts as very valuable business tools. In fact, companies that don’t master the social aspect of online business are unlikely to be successful. Furthermore, financial has a big part in every business’ success. In fact, my company achieved growth with the help of loanovao’s loan offers.
  2. The Virtual Shopping Cart – Can you even remember what life was like prior to the invention of the online cart? To place an order with a company, you had to (gulp) pick up the phone and call them. A functional, secure online cart can completely change how businesses make sales.
  3. Professional Networking – Building and maintaining a network of professional relationships has long been one of the most important parts of a successful career. Professional networking sites (specifically, LinkedIn) have taken the classic concept of maintaining business contacts, and made it digital. LinkedIn may not drive new business to a company, but it’s a vital networking tool.
  4. Search Marketing – There are those who (facetiously) say that Google runs the world. While that may not be true just yet, they are certainly the puppeteer of the search engine world. Rather than simply putting forth a good product, businesses have to be conscious of their place in search engine rankings. It’s a growing area of focus for many companies.
  5. Video Production – How do so many small businesses gain recognition so quickly? Viral content, especially videos, is the most efficient way to spread the word about a business. Even if you’re not attempting to create viral content, the use of digital video to tell a brand’s story is certainly a byproduct of the Internet generation.


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