Optimize PageSpeed of Affiliate Landing Pages with a CDN

Agree or not the speed of your landing pages have an effect on your conversions. If you’re using a tracker, user might already have spent a second or two redirecting to your landing page. And you don’t want them to wait few more seconds to load the landing page. If they feel like it’s taking too long, they will close the browser window before even reaching to the landing page.

If your tracker is already on a optimized VPS, then there’s so little you can do to reduce the time it takes for tracker to redirect user to the landing page. It’s going to take a second or two due to all the heavy back-end processing tracker has to do. But you can reduce the loading time of your landing page and deliver it instantly to the user. The only way to do that is to use a CDN to host your landing pages.

What is a CDN?

CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a network of servers distributed around the world that deliver cached content from websites to end user based on geographical location of the user. So basically the CDN will save your landing page on their network around the world and then deliver it to the user from nearest geographical location to the user. Still confused? This might help.

What is the Cost?

Pricing vary from network to network. Some networks charge a monthly rental while others have pay as you go schemes. I use KeyCDN which is a pay as you go network and they charge $0.04 per 1GB of bandwidth. I use around 30GB each month which I’m charged around $1.20. And there’s MaxCDN, a more popular network. They have various monthly rental packages the cheapest being $9 per month which includes 100GB free bandwidth.

Do I need a Hosting Account?

No, you don’t need to have a hosting account to use CDN. You can upload your files though FTP like you do on shared hosting. And then drive traffic. You can host unlimited landing pages and you can use your own domain names. And also most CDN networks offer free SSL certificates. So you can deliver your landing page over https connection which will gain user trust.

I’ve tested a landing page on a normal server and on KeyCDN. Landing page on normal server took 2.191s to load while the same page only took 1.593s to load on KeyCDN. It’s not much, but every millisecond counts.


Regular VPS




You can use my referral link to register with KeyCDN and get $10 credit added to your account. My MaxCDN link will make your first month free.

How to Set everything Up?

Setting up a landing page on CDN is no different than setting it up on shared hosting. But there’re few (easy) additional steps to get SSL working and to make sure you get the most out of your CDN. I’ve covered hosting landing pages on KeyCDN and planing to cover MaxCDN soon. So remember to check back.


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