How will Brexit Affect Tech Companies Supply Chain?

A political upheaval involving Britain leaving the European Union, Brexit is a huge undertaking that involves a great deal of guess work and uncertainty. Despite best efforts to forecast the fallout and track its progress, there still isn’t a huge amount of data to really anchor home some solid predictions. Many of the details have yet to be discussed or agreed upon.

However, there are certain areas and industries that are going to be more clearly affected. The supply chains of tech companies can be examined closer in relation to Brexit. Consequently, let’s see just how Brexit will impact the supply chain of this industry.


In a thriving economy, everything is more affordable. Prices can be low, earnings can be high, and there is essentially enough money to go around. It’s a paradise, but it’s one that Brexit doesn’t afford.

From components to manufacturers, materials to retailers; the costs of everything in the supply chain are bound to skyrocket in Britain. As the British economy is due to dip down, public spending will largely be crippled for some time. Businesses are then unable to adequately meet their profit margins, and are forced to increase prices as a way of meeting their quotas and simply staying afloat.


One clear consequence of all the political turmoil is that Brexit will affect businesses operating within the UK, as well those trading with them from beyond the borders. Crossing the channel will be conducted with tighter laws and restrictions, making the very process of shipping and receiving goods more complicated; both legally and logistically.

Consequently, tech companies will have to find another way of making their trade flow smoothly to minimise this impact. This is especially true if they rely on EU companies as suppliers, giving more potential to scramble the smoothness of their operation. This aspect of the supply chain can’t afford lag or latency, so it’s important that any tech companies search for a solution quickly to keep trade coming in as much as possible.


Workers want to work in a company that is thriving. A company can only thrive in an economy that is growing steadily and stays strong. Even the cultural climate of a country can play a big part in choosing where to develop a career, so when something like Brexit comes along, it threatens to jeopardise everything. In the end, those who support and staff the very operation of the supply chain could quickly disappear.

No one wants to leap aboard a sinking ship. While many forecasts of Brexit are negative, this consensus whether true or false will undoubtedly affect where the most talented tech peoples choose to situate their careers. In most cases, it won’t be Britain. Many EU talents may suspect xenophobia in the UK and will then seek their fortunes elsewhere. Ultimately, the political climate comes with a social cost too, and determines where those who make the supply chain possible take up residence.

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