The Importance of Finding the Right Delivery Service

From product development, to marketing, sales, customer service, aftersales and business growth, owners of small businesses have plenty to consider! However, finding the right delivery service can help your business run smoothly, and give you one less thing to worry about. How exactly? Read on to find out

Delivery and Your Customer

According to independent research, 87% of British consumers said that if they experienced delivery problems at least twice, they’d switch to another supplier to buy their goods.

This is a big insight into the attitudes that consumers have towards deliveries and customer service. With so many sales made through e-commerce in the age of the internet, consumers have more power and more choice right at their fingertips. So, stumbling on your order fulfilment could be make or break for your business.

How Your Business Can Benefit

You could see your small business thrive when you choose the right delivery service and it’s important that your business doesn’t overlook this. When you put a system of efficient order fulfilment in place, it can help you retain customers, as well as establish your good reputation and help you increase levels of brand loyalty.

Stay ahead of the competition by making sure your customers are at the forefront of every sale. A fast and smooth process from the moment they order to when the product arrives at their door, could do wonders for your sales.

How to Find the Right Service

Finding the right parcel service to suit your business can be tricky. You have to think about your product offer. Consider factors like:

  • Are your products small or large? You may need to organise a pallet delivery if you’re sending large products in bulk, or a local courier could collect your goods to be delivered if they’re small packages.
  • Where are your customers? You may need to find a delivery company that sends business parcels both locally and internationally.
  • What services do you want to offer? Adding the options of same or next day delivery could increase your consumer base. For examples, studies show that 56% of online consumers aged between18-34 expect same day delivery, with 61% of people willing to pay more for this service. Plus, 25% of shoppers would abandon their online cart if this service wasn’t offered to them!

An established delivery service like the one from Parcel2Go could help your business hone its order fulfilment and customer service to make sure you offer only the best to your customers.

In Conclusion…

The delivery service you choose could help you run more efficiently and increase your chances of retaining customers. Find the right parcel service for your ecommerce business and you could be reaping the rewards in no time!

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