Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins 2021

There are few good plugins for Amazon Affiliate marketing in WordPress

What is Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is promoting other companies’ products by a special affiliate link, and if someone buys through your affiliate link, you get a payment. As an affiliate marketer, you’re like a middle man or salesperson for the company. You help to make a sale. The company rewards you.

How does it works?

When you register as an affiliate, the merchant/company gives each affiliate a unique link to track who was responsible for a sale and rewards the affiliate if the buyer makes the purchase. If you have a WordPress website, you can use the following plugins.

1) EasyAzon

This is a premium plugin that is available for WordPress to active Amazon affiliates for free. This plugin will help you build easy text links for add to your content without going through the building connections process. The plugin is available in all areas where Amazon allows associate programs are present.
You can also increase your website SEO as you can have no-follow tags on the links. This guarantees that the links open in a new window rather than loading over your site. It assures that the traffic stays on your blog, and users can remain to scroll and buy as they read within your article.

2) WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates

This plugin is a very useful and attractive tool for affiliate marketers. Many bloggers have tried and tested it. Because of that, it has become one of the most popular affiliate plugins in WordPress. Using this plugin, you can easily import products to your WooCommerce store and make lots of money in no time.
The plugin also does keyword research, and it suggests more products for you. That you can use to improve the overall cash profit can make a huge difference to the business since you can sell even more different products. The plugin also keeps users a lot of time since it suggests the most relevant products that you can easily promote on your site through the Amazon link generation. It also imports products and synchronizes them with the content and the keywords within your posts.

WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates​

3) AAP (Amazon Affiliates) 

The AAP (Amazon Affiliates) plugin has become most popular for Amazon affiliate websites due to its great feature. The developers of this plugin have tested it in feature to ensure that you can even earn money on the autopilot system. The plugin comes with its own perfect WordPress theme that you can customize with limitless layout options. You won’t have to keep looking for a theme for your business since the modern and easy to use theme looks great with any kind of business.
The plugin has a great homepage designer with which you can customize the appearance of your website. It is designed to enhance the SEO for the website. So that users aren’t disappointed with the site. A general setting dashboard allows users to set up the entire website within just a few minutes.
Most business owners also prefer the option of setting business on autopilot to focus on all the other businesses that come with building your empire. All you need to do is to set up instructions on the AAPro dashboard, that means it will keep doing its job even if you are unavailable or traveling. It provides users the freedom to earn money undoubtedly.

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