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Many new investors have engaged in bitcoin trading in the hopes of making a profit.

Over the last year, cryptocurrency has beaten stocks, commodities, oil, and even gold as one of the best and most successful investments. The hype about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies didn’t die down in 2021. Many new investors have engaged in bitcoin trading in the hopes of making a profit. It was advantageous for some while others may have to wait longer. It depends on the coin you invest in. You can refer to the following facts and invest for a short or long period in 2022.


In some ways, Ethereum is overtaking Bitcoin. Analysts predict that Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in terms of market valuation and adoption rate in the upcoming years.

Thus, the year 2022 is predicted to develop a good basis for the future. Ethereum’s additional features, such as smart contracts and simple payment methods, will help it gather momentum. It is one of the few coins with significant blockchain, mining and technical capabilities.


Bitcoin is widely considered one of the safest and most stable cryptocurrencies available today. It is saving investors profits from the COVID-19 crisis, which is set to begin in 2020. The majority of people have received a large amount of money as a result of choosing this coin. During the downturn of Bitcoin prices, most of the new investors bought Bitcoin for low prices.

According to the Technical analysis, Bitcoin price will rise in 2022. Bitcoin price jumped to about $60 thousand dollars from $30 thousand dollars after the purchase of Elon Musk. Hence, it is better to invest in Bitcoin as a long-term investment coin.


In 2011 Litecoin was launched. Its main goal is to provide the lowest cost for transactions. It has the ability to be the payment method for essential products. Litecoin price changes parallel to the Bitcoin price. The capacity of Litecoin is 84 Million units up to now.

As the value of Litecoin is now fairly cheap, new investors see it as a good opportunity to enter the crypto market and build a strong position. Advisors consider Litecoin as a good investment for the year 2022.


This coin’s development was complete in 2017. It is now beginning to gain momentum on the Crypto market. This EOS technology is already well known as a decentralized application platform with high data processing speed potential. EOS can now process 1 million transactions per second.

According to Analysts’ EOS is a good investment for a long period, and if you want to gain profits in a short period, EOS is not much recommended to invest.

Cardano (ADA)

ADA is a third-generation cryptocurrency that was introduced in 2017. Cardano is popular as it has solved the energy usage compared to main crypto coins.

  • Cardano: 6 gigawatt hours
  • Bitcoin: 130 terawatt-hours
  • Ethereum: 50 terawatt-hours

Cardano’s coin price will hit $3 by the 2021 year’s end and $12.66 in 2025, according to Coin Price Forecast’s latest long-term forecast. So, it is profitable to buy Cardano for new investors and others to gain huge profits.

Polkadot (Dot)

Dot coin is also like Ethereum because it allows developers to build apps and smart contracts. Polkadot pricing will reach $50 by the middle of 2022, according to Coin Price Estimate’s newest long-term forecast.

Technical analysts also predict Dot coin price will rise from $29 to upwards in 2022. Dot coin is a short term and long-term basis coin for investors.

  • The discussion above is not financial advices, investment advices, or taxing. It is a basic study on the risks of cryptocurrency investing which is done based on resourcing sources.

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