High CPM Pop Under Ad Network for Adult Sites

I’ve discovered yet another adult ad network that offers high CPM pop-unders and newbie friendly service. This ad network is also ideal for monetizing your adult blog or whatever site you have with adult traffic.

On one of my earlier posts, I’ve introduced you an ad network that can be used to deliver pop-under advertisements to your adult related sites (Read: Best Pop-under Ad network for Adult Sites). And I have to say it doubled my earnings. But I never give up my testing, so I went out there and tested another network. It turned out this one pays way better than Juicy Ads.

The network is Ero-advertising. Unlike Juicy Ads, Ero Advertising is a well-established for pop traffic. It definitely has more advertisers for pops than Juicy Ads. Don’t get me wrong here; I’m talking about pop-under traffic. Juicy Ads pop-unders are still in beta.

What I like in Ero Advertising

The first thing impressed me is their minimum payout, it’s just €10 (Euros). It’s so easy to get your cash out of it. They pay automatically every week or every month. You get to choose when you need a payment. Ero Advertising supports PayPal, Payoneer, Paxum or Bank transfer as payment methods. And yes, they pay in Euros.

Pop-under CPM Rates

Their rates are significantly higher than Juicy Ads. They average €1.6 per 1000 pop-unders. CPM rates depend on how much advertiser is willing to pay. More advertisers mean more competition. More competition means good rates. That’s why their rates are higher than Juicy Ads. Ero Advertising pays more than €2.5 for traffic from US, UK, Germany, France and Australia. As usual, rates are pretty poor for Asian counties. Here’s my statics for last 15 days of June 2012. Click to enlarge image.

Ad Formats

Ero Advertising offers varies different ad formats to monetize your traffic. I haven’t really had the time to test it all. The only thing I tested was pop-unders and banners. Banners are also better than Juicy Ads or Blacklableads. They also offer full page ads, which I’m yet to test. Make sure you subscribe to my feed to get updates.

I recommend you have a go with Ero Advertising as well, I’m currently using both networks on my adult blog. They do well together. If you are comfortable with showing two pop-unders from these two networks for your visitors, you are allowed to do it. I’ve contacted support of both networks and they confirmed that they don’t have a problem with it. So go ahead and sing-up for Ero Advertising publisher account here. Let’s make some extra money this month.

Although I still recommend Ero Advertising, I had better results with PlugRush. I highly recommend them. You can read my report about PlugRush earnings on Pop-under Network to Monetize Adult Traffic


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  1. I like **Moderated** better for adult ads… i know they are new but they still pay more and they have the slider banner ads too, which is great!

  2. machan., lankave adult web ekak kalata kamak nadda ? I mean lankave porn nathuwa oya xvideos vage eva embed karala

  3. එකනං එච්චර හොඳ අදහසක් නෙවෙයි. ඹයාගේ පදිංචිය ලංකාවෙ නං මෙකෙන් ඈත්වෙලා ඉන්න ඒක තමයි ඇගට ගුණ

  4. Adtomatik is the best alternative for publishers. They have a capable team that is focused on increasing the revenues and improving monetization. Thanks to their advice and support I have successfully tried ad formats such as Native, and In image, with awesome results.

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