Best Adult Ad Networks to Promote CPA Offers

Adult is a very competitive niche when it comes to CPA and affiliate marketing. If you get it right, it’s the most profitable niche out there. But you must be smart (Or Experienced) enough to select your offer and audience right. Otherwise you could end up losing thousands of dollars. I’m going to assume that you already have an offer to promote and have an idea about your audience. I’ll list ad networks that you can use to reach your audience.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to promote your offer through text ads, banner ads or even Popups; you have to be picky about your ad network because you want real people to see your ads and visit your pages. Reason I’m saying this is that some publishers trend to send fake visitors such as bots to increase their earnings. Ad network should take necessary steps avoid this. So the best ad network means that the network has the best fraud protection.

In addition to that, the network should provide as many as targeting and filtering options so you can easily filter out people you don’t want to see your ads. You might think that it’s better to show your ad to as many as people possible. I used to think that way when I was getting started. That thought cost me few hundred dollars. But I was lucky enough to realize it without making much damage. You must reach audience who are already interested in the product you’re promoting. That way you’ll get a good conversion rate. It means more return for your investment.

However that’s me. I want my visitors to be as targeted as possible. But I know some marketers that have opposite opinion than me. They believe in quantity of traffic. And I have to admit that some of them are making more money than me. So I suggest you try both methods and stick to what’s best for you.

When it comes targeting, this is where you’ll miss search traffic. Given that big search engines don’t allow advertisers run adult ads on their network, you’re left with Media buying and Pay per view advertising. But still you can target your visitors if you know how to do so. You just have to find a relevant site and buy a Banner or pop-under from that site. So following are the sites that’ll let you buy a banner or popup on a certain site in there network of sites.

  • Ero-Advertising – They offer all Banner, popup and mobile ads. You can buy ad spots from individual sites or use RON (Run on Network) ads. Ads will be reviewed before activating.
  • Juicy Ads – Juicy Ads also offer Banner, popup and mobile ads. They have a huge marketplace of sites selling banner ad spots. RON ads however need you to have big budget. Ads will run immediately without reviewing.
  • PlugRush – PlugRush is a traffic trading site. But you can use it to buy traffic. Banners are called ‘Plugs’ in Plugrush and there’re not many size options. Popups are very cheap and mods will review your ads before going online. No mobile ads.
  • ExoClick – ExoClick is another big name in industry. They are probably the 2nd in terms of traffic quantity. They also offer many ad formats.


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