Best Paying Pop-under Network to Monetize Adult Traffic

I’ve played with adult traffic networks for few months now. I had a big traffic source and always wanted to find the best paying pop-under network so I can make most out of my traffic. Over the past year or so I’ve tested more than 6 networks and found 3 networks among them are worth considering.

If you’re a regular visitor to this site, you should already know about 2 networks I recommended few months back. They are Juicy Ads and Ero Advertising. You can read more about those two networks on best pop-up network and high CPM pop-up network. They both are legit networks. They always paid me on time. But the network I’m going to introduce today is best of all. It’s called PlugRush. Although PlugRush gave me the highest earnings, Ero Advertising still has the best CPM rates for pop-ups.

Now you may be thinking that’s not possible. Yes, it doesn’t sounds possible. But in reality it is. CPM rate isn’t the only fact that effect earnings. There are few other facts. Or least one very important fact, which is how many pops does ad network generates. It doesn’t matter how higher the CPM rate is if network doesn’t have ads to show.

For example, on 10th January Ero Advertising lunched 967 pop ads on one of my sites with CPM of €2.2. And on the same day on the same website, PlugRush lunched 1824 pop ads with rate of $1.9. I ended up earning $3.59 on PlugRush and €1.98 on Ero Advertising. So you can see the difference. The main reason for this could be PlugRush having more advertisers than Ero Advertising. Or it could be Ero ad code getting blocked more often by browsers and pop-up blockers.

It doesn’t matter what’s the reason behind this. It’s out of my control and what really matters is figure I see on my reports at the end of the day. So if you’re only showing one pop ad on your site, PlugRush pays better. Or if you’re like me, you can use 2 pops from both networks and you’ll see the difference yourself.

I’ve used PlugRush since last November and I’m impressed with its earnings. I’ve dropped Juicy Ads from my sites because of this. For you to get an idea, see image at top of this page. It shows my November earnings with PlugRush.

Although they provide pop-under advertisements, PlugRush is really a traffic trading network which can be used to increase your traffic. They doesn’t have banner ads on their network. But instead they have something called Plugs. It looks like banner ads, but works bit differently. You can use these Plugs on your site to trade visitors with other sites in the network. It’ll come handy for tube site and sites with high ad click-through rates. But unfortunately my site didn’t have high CTR and it’s not a tube site. It didn’t work for me.

The only downside with this network is that they doesn’t have good policy over what advertisements they allow on their network. Because of that there’s a risk that some ads distributed on pops may have viruses and malware. I didn’t experienced anything like that until now. But I think there’s a possibility. However you have an option to block any advertisement from displaying on your site. That’s should be useful if you experienced something like that.

Beside from that, I highly recommend PlugRush as a pop-under network. Click here to Sign-up.


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