Top 3 Cases with External, Extended Battery for iPhone 5

Comparing to other devices, iPhone has a decent battery life. But it never enough for a guy like me. My iPhone 5 barely lasts 15 hours with a full charge. Who likes charging a phone twice a day? It’s pain. So I needed a better solution. Fortunately I found a way to double my battery life without changing the way I use my iPhone 5.

Disabling 3G, Disabling data connection and using fewer Apps will help you increase your phone’s battery life. But I’m a guy who likes to stay online all the time and loves gaming. So those are never options for me. I realized that I need an external battery for my iPhone. And best way to attach it is to use a battery case. I’m listing top 3 battery cases for iPhone 5 on this page to help you guys pick what’s best for you.

Something you need to understand before going for a battery case is that, it adds some bulk to your iPhone 5. Just like best protective cases for iPhone 5 end up adding some bulk to it. It’s something you have to live with if you need extended battery life or best protection for your iPhone 5. If you prefer slim and light-weight, you should consider reading best slim cases for iPhone 5.

So below are the top 3 battery cases for iPhone 5. I’ve sorted them with battery capacity (highest first)

i-Blason PowerSlate Plus Rechargeable External Battery Slim Fit Bumper Case

i-blason powerslate plusThis is the case with most powerful battery. It bundled 2800mAh battery which is almost 2 times of iPhone 5’s standard battery capacity. Although it adds some bulk to the phone, it’s lighter than some of low capacity competitors on the market. Case is technically well designed allowing access to all ports and buttons. There is an option to turn on/off external battery and LED indicators to let you know about current charge. It comes with 6 month limited warranty from the manufacturer.

There’s also another model from i-Blason with 2200mAh capacity which offers better protection than this one. You can check it here.

uNu Ecopak iPhone 5 Battery Case for iPhone 5

uNu Ecopak iPhone 5 Battery CaseuNu Ecopak is a detachable case for iPhone 5 with 2500mAH battery. It’s also capable of providing almost 2 times of extra charge to iPhone 5. The main advantage with this type of cases are that you can carry multiple batteries for backup power. So if you have an additional battery with you, that means you have 5000mAH backup power ready to go. And the best part is that you can use it to charge not only your iPhone 5, but any device with USB charging access (Sync/Data Cable).

The case is available in 7 colors and it doesn’t get in the way of any iPhone 5 features. The only downside of this case is that you’ll have to connect external battery to iPhone using a cable (provided). Meaning that attaching battery to case does not make an electric connection with iPhone.

Meridian Rechargeable Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5

Meridian Rechargeable Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5Meridian is another promising product with 1 year warranty. It features 2300mAh extended power for your iPhone 5. It’s stylish and doesn’t add much bulk to the phone. The case is capable of providing protection against drops, shocks and scratches as well. If you’re looking for both extended battery and the best protection, this will be the idea case for you.

Like i-Blason PowerSlate Plus, Meridian case also charges both phone and external battery simultaneously. Meaning that it makes direct electric connection with iPhone and you don’t need to connect it manual with a cable. But you’re always in-charge because of power on/off button. You can decide when you want to use extended power. Meridian Rechargeable Extended Battery Case for iPhone 5 is available in Red and White colors as well.

So these are the best battery cases available at the moment of writing. I’m planing to extend this list to top 5 cases as new product released in the feature. Don’t forget to subscribe to something.


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