Best Slim Fit Cases for iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is already a huge phone. It’s essential to use a light-weight case to protect it from scratches. The cases that give maximum protection to iPhone 5 are known to add some bulk. It’s something you have to deal with if you need best protection. But if you’re comfortable with average protection, you can go for a slim fit case which will also give a stylish look to your iPhone 5.

Slim fit cases don’t add much bulk to your iPhone. Cases in this list will work for most users. But for users with rough usage, it’s better to pick a case with more protection. You can find a list of cases with solid protection on my earlier post “Best iPhone 5 Cases: Protect your iPhone 5 from Scratches“.

01. Splash Cruiser Slim Fit Case for Apple iPhone 5

Splash-Cruiser-Slim-Fit-iphone5-caseSplash Cruiser is a soft case available in many mind-blowing colors. It’s not transparent. It covers most part of the iPhone while making sure easy access to camera, flash, buttons and all other things. Its soft-touch finish will allow you to grip your iPhone 5 with comfort and security. It doesn’t add much bulk to your iPhone. You are not likely to feel anything other than comfort on your hand. Splash Cruiser iPhone 5 case also makes sure screen doesn’t touch the surface when laid down.

02. i-Blason Slim Fit Air Jacket Case for Apple iPhone 5

i-Blason-Slim-Fit-Air-Jacket-iphone5-casei-Blason Slim Fit Air Jacket is a very decent looking case for iPhone 5. It’s made of Polycarbonate which gives greatest protection to your iPhone without adding any bulk. You don’t even feel an extra weight with it. It also ensures that all features are easy accessible while covering most parts of your iPhone. This non-transparent case has i-Blason logo on its back and opening for Apple signature logo. It comes with an extra screen protector and Apple logo protector film for back.

03. Elago S5 Slim Fit Case for iPhone 5

Elago S5 Slim Fit Case for iPhone 5Elago S5 Slim Fit case is another ultra slim fit case made of durable plastic. Unlike other covers, Elago S5 fits any version of iPhone 5 without any trouble. It’s doesn’t matter if your iPhone 5 is AT&T or Verizon, Elago S5 works for all. Elago S5 Slim Fit case is also available on more than ten beautiful colors. It also has cutouts for all iPhone 5 features and Apple logo on the back. It’ll protect your iPhone from scratches, oil, and dirt without adding bulk.

04. SF Matte Ringke SLIM Premium Hard Case for Apple iPhone 5

SF-Matte-Black-Ringke-SLIM-Premium-iphone5-case“SF Matte Black – Apple iPhone 5 Ringke SLIM Soft Feeling Premium Hard Case AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and Unlocked – Eco Package” as they say it, is another good-looking case for iPhone 5. This case actually has soft feeling on it. But it’s a very solid, hard case that is capable of giving maximum protection to your iPhone. Like all other handpicked cases on this page it also gives easy access to all parts of your iPhone. It’s slightly heavier than other cases in this list so far. But you’ll barely feel the difference.

05. OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 5

OtterBox Commuter Series Case for iPhone 5Last on the list is a one from well reputed brand. Its last only because it’s weight, would have been at the first place if it’s little lighter. Still can’t say it adds bulk. It gives two layers of protection to your iPhone and includes a screen protector as well. It’ll protect your phone against Dusts, Scratches and most importantly Drops. Other four cases in this list will have trouble with drops. But OtterBox Commuter offers reasonable protection against drops as well.


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