Most Sexiest Cases for iPhone 5 by Pandamimi

The main purpose of a case is to protect iPhone from scratches, dusts and shocks like stuff. They often end up adding bulk to your handset. And they also hide luxurious beauty of the iPhone 5 as well. Now I understand that some people may consider “Ëœlook’ over “Ëœprotection’. This post is for those people.

Ok, don’t get me wrong here. I didn’t mean to say these cases don’t offer protection to your iPhone 5. In fact they offer a good protection. But these are not for day-to-day use. In my opinion, these are best suited for specials occasions. You better have a protective case for your day-to-day use. The problem is not about protecting your iPhone, it’ll protect it. But it can’t protect itself. You drop it once and you’ll start to loose stones on it. And it’ll catch scratches pretty easy. That’s why I don’t recommend these for day-to-day use. Alright, let’s get started.

Pandamimi Deluxe Diamond Rhinestone Aluminum Chrome Hard Cases

These are very stylish aluminum hard cases with diamond rhinestone on it. The case is made with high quality plastic and aluminum. It gives a good protection for iPhone 5 against scratches, dusts and dirt. It comes with a free screen protector to take care of the screen as well. In addition to that you’ll find a cleaning cloth, an application card and a stylus in the package. Cases are extremely beautiful and fashionable. It gives iPhone a luxury look. It comes in many colors as well. All are equally beautiful. Following are the color variations you can find on

Deluxe Bling Product Line
Deluxe Bling Product Line[/one_half]

The cases in Pandamimi Deluxe product line are very neatly designed. It doesn’t get in way of iPhone 5 features. It gives easy access to button, camera and all other stuff you need to access. It sure looks like an expensive case, but it’s not. Price is under $10 for case at the moment of writing, which gives you opportunity to have multiple colors without spending few hundred dollars.

As I said before, the only problem with these cases are that it’s not suitable for day to day use. It’s not durable in that way. But still it’s worth having a one for use once in a while.


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