Prosper202 Tutorial: Traffic Sources and Pixels

Adding your traffic source and pixel to Prosper202 is the first step in configuring an ad campaign on Prosper202. You can add as many as traffic sources you want. You can optionally add a conversion pixel for each traffic source; which you can obtain from the traffic source itself. Let’s add a traffic source to Prosper202 and complete the first step of campaign setup with Prosper202.

A traffic source is where you send visitors to your offers from. This could be Facebook ads, BingAds or an email list. The purpose of adding the traffic source to Prosper202 is know whether it’s working for you. The whole purpose of tracking your campaigns is to find what’s working for you and what’s not.

How to add a traffic sources to Prosper202?

Login to your Prosper202 and click Prosper202 CS from the main menu. You’ll land on Overview tab. Go to the Setup tab and you’ll find yourself on #1 Traffic Sources tab. Type the name of your traffic source and click add. You’ll have an option to add traffic source accounts and pixels after you add a traffic source.

Why Should I add traffic source accounts?

Adding traffic source accounts here will help you if you have multiple accounts with one traffic source. This doesn’t really make sense if you only have one account with a traffic source. But you can’t skip this step. You don’t have to type your exact username here. You can type main or something else and continue with the setup. But I don’t see why you shouldn’t add it since these information will never be visible to others. It’s just for internal analyzing purposes. And it’s not a big deal if you add it or not. So let’s continue.

What is a conversion pixel?

A conversion pixel is used in affiliate marketing to track conversions. It’s called pixel because it’s a image file size of a pixel, invisible to the human eye. Conversion pixels are only placed on Thank You pages. This is the page that loads after a successful payment or a successful optin. Prosper202 has its own pixel which you’ll see in #9 Get Postback/Pixel. The the Prosper202 pixel should be added to the thank you page of the offer you’re promoting. This pixel will be fired when someone complete the action with your affiliate link. And when it does, Prosper202 will know about the conversion. It’ll update it’s database automatically and fire the traffic source pixel you add here. It’ll let your traffic about the conversion.

Why Should I notify my traffic source about the conversion?

This is not necessary and you can skip it as it’s an optional step. But this can be helpful with some traffic sources, and for re-targeting. For example, Facebook’s new Facebook Pixel can be used to re-target users clicked on your ads. And not only that, it can be used to target users visited your site without clicking your ads. Don’t get confused. I’ll write about it later. Let’s just add the pixel and move on to the next step of setting up campaign with Prosper202.

There are five pixel types to choose from. You should check with your CPA network for what pixel type they support. Most networks support JavaScript. So i’m only going to show you how to add a JavaScript traffic source pixel to Prosper202. And for any pixel method, Prosper202 only needs URL of the pixel. Meaning you have to strip other content if you receive a code snippet. Which is always the case in JavaScript pixels. You’ll see me adding Facebook pixel and BingAds UET (Universal event Tracking) pixel to Prosepr202 in the video tutorial. Feel free to share your thoughts and ask any questions in the comments section.


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  1. So if i do not need inform any traffic source traffic source like 7search, bing ad, pof, lead impact etc about my conversion. i think, i can leave pixel type blank

  2. It’s 2017. Prosper202 is no longer available for free from its official website. Is the last free version still working?

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