Install Prosper202, The PPC Tracking Software on Shared Hosting

Prosper202 is free PPC (Pay per Click) tracking software which helps you to track your PPC campaigns. If you’re thinking of promoting CPA (Cost per Action) offers with PPC sites like Adwords & Facebook ads, Prosper202 is for you. This tutorial will guide you to set up Prosper202 on shared hosting platform

Although I said ‘shared hosting’ hoping that newbie CPA promoters won’t go for a VPS, This tutorial should work with VPS as well. Of course there will be few shortcuts with VPS. But there is still no much difference.

It’s not recommended to set up Prosper202 on a shared hosting if you plan to deliver more than 150 clicks per day. Shared hosting can’t handle that much of load. Prosper202 won’t track clicks properly. But the worst thing is clicks will not be redirected to landing pages. But you still have to pay for clicks. Best option is to buy a cheap unmanaged VPS. Don’t be afraid of words ‘unmanaged’, Managing a VPS is not a big deal. It’s set it and forget it thing. You can also use same VPS for setting up your own landing pages. Check out Cheapest VPS Servers for Prosper (from $5 per month)

Why Should You Track PPC Campaigns?

As a CPA-PPC promoter, Tracking is everything for you. The most important thing in PPC success is optimizing campaigns for better ROI (Return on Investment). This includes Blacklisting bad performing keywords, websites, ages, etc… To grab that useful information, you should have proper tracking setup. Without it you can lose all your money in just few days. Especially on big networks like Adwords & Facebook.

How to Install Prosper202

You need a Hosting account & domain name before you can install prosper202. This will probably cost you some money. If you already have a domain & hosting account, you can set up prosper202 on a sub directory with a sub domain. In case you don’t, go to Go Daddy & order cheapest shared hosting plan & cheapest domain, which is .info that will cost you about $7 or $8.

Now visit below website & download prosper202 package.

After Download, Extract file to local folder. Then you need to upload all files within prosper202 folder to your new hosting account. Connect to your hosting account using Filezilla & upload all files inside prosper202 directory to server.

Create MySQL Database for Prosper202

Go to your hosting control panel (cPanel) & click ‘MySQL Database Wizard’ under Databases tab. On Go Daddy, go to your hosting control center & click ‘Set Up’ under ‘Database’ tab on right sidebar. Then follow on-screen instructions to create database, database user & give all permissions. Make a note of your database, database username, database password & host. We’ll need it in next step. A video showing how to create MySQL database with cPanel is available here.

Editing Prosper202 config.php

Now you need to add your database information to config.php so that prosper202 can communicate with MySQL server. Browse prosper202 directory on your PC & locate file 202-config-sample.php Open it with notepad & enter database info as below example. Only change values inside ‘apostrophe’ mark. Don’t touch anything else.

$dbname = 'Your Database Name';
$dbuser = 'Database Username';
$dbpass = 'Database Password';
$dbhost = 'localhost';

Value for $dbhost will be localhost most of the times. But not with Go Daddy. You can find it by going to ‘MySQL’ under ‘Database’ tab on your hosting control panel navigation bar & clicking little pencil icon next to database.

So save values accordingly & rename 202-config-sample.php to 202-config.php. Upload file to server where you uploaded file within prosper202 folder. Then, open your domain in browser & follow instructions to set up prosper202.

That’s it. Leave a comment if you have any problems with installation & stay tuned for more prosper202 tutorials.


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