Prosper202 Tutorial: Text Ad and Banner Ad Setup

Text Ad Setup is the 5th step in setting up a tracking campaign with Prosper202 and the 4th installment in my Prosper202 tutorial series. This step covers your ad copy for the campaign. It’s also an optional step like landing pages. You can ignore this tab and go ahead, but it’s strongly recommended to use it. I’m going to show you how to do it in this tutorial.

As I said before, it’s strongly recommended to complete this step although tracking will continue to work without it. But you won’t have a way to analyze performance of your ad copies. The purpose of adding your ad copy to Prosper202 is to track which ad copy converts and which is not. I personally don’t consider this as an optional step because ad copy is critical to success in PPC advertising. You should know what’s working and what’s not. And you should also test few ad copies for an offer to find out what works best.

Like on almost all previous steps, the information you’re adding here is only used for internal analyzing purposes. It won’t be visible to others. The ad copy that is visible to users is the ad copy you add to your traffic source. But it’s important that both are identical to each other. That way, there will be no confusion about which ad copy converted and which didn’t.

Direct Linking, Simple Landing Page or Advanced Landing Page

You have two options to select from, Direct Link Setup, or Simple Landing Page Setup and Advanced Landing Page Setup. Select one according to your campaign type. The setup is pretty straightforward.

If you’ve been following this series to set up your campaign on Prosper202, you’ll be familiar with all the terms on this page at this point. Just select the campaign and category from the drop-downs and then add your ad copy with a nickname. I’ve described most terms mentioned on this page on previous tutorials. So I hope that you take time to read them again and understand if anything is unclear to you. If still unclear, you can use the comments section to reach me.

And for the advanced landing page setup, you’ll see me coping the ad from direct link setup. You can also do it if you’re using a same ad copy for direct linking and landing page. That’s a one way to test an ad against landing page and direct linking. But in most cases, you’ll need unique ad copies. And if you’re using unique ad copies, it’s important to make them unique on Prosper202 as well.

Can I track performance of banner ads with Prosper202?

Yes, you can. Although it’s not referenced frequently, Prosper202 totally support tracking of media campaigns. If your campaign is a media campaign where you use banners as your ad copy, you can still use Text Ad Setup page to enter your media details. Unfortunately, you can’t upload your media to Prosper202. But you can mention your banner as ad nickname. Nobody’s going to see it other than you. So, what’s the big deal? Give each of your banner image a name and add it as ad nickname. This way, you can split test your banners and track which works the best.

What about Facebook Ads?

Same theory for banners applies to Facebook ads. Facebook allows you to use both image and text in the ad copy. So just as you can do it for banner ads, you can simply mention banner nickname along with the text on your Prosper202 ad copy. You can read more about Facebook ad tracking on How to track FB ads with Prosper202.

I hope you got an idea of how to use Prosper202’s Text Ads Setup page for your campaigns. It’s about your creativity and what you want to track. Now that the ad copy is set up, next step is finding a landing page. Or if you’re using direct linking you can skip to #6 Redirector or to #8 Get Links sections.


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