Low Ero-Advertising Earnings: Why and what to do?

I’ve been running ero-advertising.com pop-under ads on my sites for more than a year now. I’m very happy with my earnings comparing to traffic I get on those sites. But I must admit that from time to time, earnings get really low. Although this doesn’t bother me much, I’m getting complains from people (which I referred) about this issue. So I decided to break it down for you all in this post.

The one thing you need to understand here is that the money isn’t coming from Ero Advertising. It comes from the advertisers in their network. So advertiser is the person who decides how much he wants to pay for your traffic. If you have quality traffic, advertisers won’t hesitate to bid high on their ads. The higher the bid, the higher the CPM you’ll get from network.

It’s important that you have quality traffic in order to get high CPM rates for your traffic. Quality traffic usually comes from search engines. They are pre-motivated to take an action such as a purchase or email submit. Advertisers are eager to find these visitors because they are more likely to convert to customers for them. I’ve seen advertisers paying $5+ for a single click.

So if advertisers can’t get enough conversions from your traffic, they’ll lower their BIDs to increase profit. This results in low CPM rates and low earning for you.

Now take a minute and think about your traffic source. Are they interested in buying anything online or to taking an action? If the answer is ‘NO’ you’ve got low quality traffic. You should be happy with whatever the ad network is giving you. Ero Advertising is known to give the best CPM rates to publishers. Switching ad network might temporary boost your earnings but sooner or later advertisers going to figure it out. They’ll lower their BIDs when they do. In worst cases, they’ll even block their ads from running on your site.

Now I know some of you might be using file sharing forums and torrents sites as main traffic source. Problem with this traffic is that they are already browsing to find something for free. They are unlikely to buy something. You can’t expect high CPM rates or good earnings from these traffic sources. Although it might help if you have mass quantity of daily visitors from these traffic sources. So if you want to boost your earnings and still use these traffic sources, one way to do it is driving more traffic. More traffic you get, the more money you make. Even with a low CPM rate.

From my experience with these traffic sources, I found that PlugRush works better than Ero Advertising. This is because PlugRush doesn’t give many filters for advertisers. But remember that Ero Advertising pays in Euros (€). So you’ll have to make a currency conversion before comparing numbers.

I would use both PlugRush and Ero Advertising on my sites to maximize earnings. But if you prefer using only one pop-up, I suggest you test each site at least for a month before making a decision.


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