What is Crypto-tourism?

The concept of Crypto-tourism sounds a bit interesting. What exactly is it?

During the past few years, cryptocurrency has spread over many industries. Numerous global-level stores and organizations have started accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. Around 2018-2019, the tourism industry also came up with many companionships of cryptocurrency. As a set, these concepts are known as crypto-tourism. Unfortunately, this concept could not showcase its fullest potential due to the travel restrictions that occurred due to the pandemic of Covid 19. Though the pandemic hasn’t yet been controlled completely, people around the globe have started working on their day-to-day activities with more safety measures.

Currently, tourism has also resumed after a huge period of silence. Therefore, the concept of Crypto-tourism sounds a bit interesting. In basic terms, Crypto-tourism combines cryptocurrency with tourism aspects, such as offering pre-packaged travel tours that can be paid for in digital currency. Apart, delivering lectures or lessons about cryptocurrency as part of the tour is also considered as a part of crypto-tourism.

According to crypto-tourism, travelers can make their payments through cryptocurrency. Before the pandemic, some travel companies in countries such as New Zealand and Queensland offered travel packages to visit the Southern Great Barrier Reef for a cryptocurrency payment plan. However, the target clients for this type of project are cryptocurrency holders who are interested in experiencing travel as well.

What are the advantages of crypt-tourism?

Crypto-tourism offers new pathways to both cryptocurrency and the tourism industry. Through this concept, travelers are capable of enjoying their trips using digital currency. Especially when traveling abroad, bills can be paid through cryptocurrency instead of exchanging them for the relevant currency type. On the other hand, it ensures the security of your currency, avoiding threats of theft. It can reduce the high ATM fees. Most importantly, it will create opportunities to meet crypto experts and to have open discussions, because it is a part of crypto-tourism. However, being interested in crypto-tourism improves your strategical knowledge of crypto investing.

Drawbacks to the concept.

According to the current scenario, the crypto market is in a somewhat difficult position. On the other hand, there is no wider range of companies that accept cryptocurrency as a payment method. Therefore, the chance of experiencing the concept is at a lower level.


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