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Rapidleech is php script designed for leeching files from file lockers like RapidShare, Depositfile, Hotfile, etc… Yes, you can use it to download files from any file-locker out there. And there are some hosting companies out there offering Rapidleech hosting with premium file locker accounts. Let’s look in to best rapidleech hosting provider out there.

Premium accounts at file sharing sites are pretty high these days. And their services for free users are disappointing as well. So you’re almost out of choice but to buy a premium account which will cost about $13 per month. And a premium account at single file hosting site won’t be enough these days as different uploaders use different sites to host their files.

Another bad experience I’ve come across recently is lack of payment gateways. Most file hosting sites are no longer accepting PayPal as payment method and I’m not comfortable with giving my credit card information to these sites.

Fortunately, I’ve found way around this. It’s much safer and efficient as well. As I said before, we can use Rapidleech to download files from file sharing sites. It’s anonymous. But you still need premium account to enjoy full features of Rapidleech. There are hosts out there offering Rapidleech hosting with premium accounts. My favorite is LeafLeech. I’ve been testing this service for six months now. And it’s awesome.

Rapidleech Hosting with 15+ Premium Plugins/Accounts

LeafLeech offers RapidLeech hosting with more than 15 premium plugins. This is like having premium accounts at more than 15 file sharing sites. Isn’t it great? Now you don’t have to skip a file just because you don’t have a premium account at the file host. Below are the premium plugins that are offered by LeafLeech (08th Oct 2012).

  • Rapidgator
  • Uploading
  • Freakshare
  • Extabit
  • Rapidshare
  • Filefactory
  • Uploaded
  • Netload
  • Megashares
  • Hotfile
  • Crocko
  • Bayfiles
  • Sharpfile
  • Filerose
  • Filecloud
  • Jumbofiles
  • Share-online
  • Ultramegabit
They are consistently improving their service. So you can expect more premium plugins in future. When a host becomes popular, they will add it to their service.

How LeafLeech Work?
LeafLeech has one or more premium accounts at all file sharing sites listed above and they have integrated it to their Rapidleech script which you’ll get a copy when you buy their product. This is legal; you don’t get passwords for file sharing sites. But you can use premium accounts to download. All file sharing sites are aware of this and they are pleased to allow it. As I said before I’ve been doing this for more than six months.

How to Download using LeafLeech

This is pretty simple, you just have to copy and paste link to Rapidleech and hit transload, script will now download file to its server (to your hosting account). It usually takes less than a minute to transload 1GB file. Then script will give you link to the file on your hosting account which you can use to download the file anytime. With this link only your connection can limit the speed. Great, isn’t it? Watch me downloading a file from Netload below.

What are the Costs?

There’s only one cost. They have 4 packages, Uploader Mini ($5), Uploader Basic ($8), Uploader Plus ($14) and Uploader Jumbo ($17). I recommend Uploader Basic plan, it has 16 premium plugins at the moment of writing.

Other Features

These plans are packed with other interesting features as well.

  • UnMetered BandWidth
  • RaR/UnRaR Support (You can RAR or UnRAR file without downloading to your PC)
  • MTN (Generates a screen cap of video online, verify the quality before downloading)
  • MediaInfo (View video specifications online, verify the quality before downloading)
  • Add Premium (to use your own premium accounts)

Your account will be activated instantly and you’re backed with a 24 hour money back guarantee. There are many payment gateways including PayPal and Payza. So what are you waiting for? Click here to sign up for best Rapidleech hosting.


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