Virtualmin is an open source VPS control panel. It is a powerful and flexible web hosting control panel. It comes packed with features that’s essential to manage VPS and cloud servers. If you’re planning to host your website on a VPS or migrate your website to a VPS, Virtualmin is the ideal solution for you. And this page includes Virtualmin tutorials that’s going to be extremely helpful to you.

Virtualmin will help you save lots of money on your hosting bill. Apart from being free itself, it doesn’t need expensive VPS servers. You can simply buy a cloud server from one of the leading VPS providers and turn it into a high performance web server with my Virtualmin LEMP server setup tutorial.

I suggest at least 1GB RAM with Ubuntu 20.04 as VPS operating system. A 2GB server will do better. If have trouble with Virtualmin tutorials listed below, you can always get help on our sysadmin support forum. You can also use one of our paid services to get your server configured.

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